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New Urgent Quest: Armada Training - Final Lament

All Arks are strongly urged to participate in this simulated battle to prepare for an all-out battle with Shiva. Head to your nearest Quest Counter Clerk and ask about Armada Training – Final Lament!

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A battle is coming, and operatives need to be prepared. ARKS HQ has put together a VR training scenario to help Arks train for possible encounters in the coming battle.  This quest is available on Ultra Hard (UH) Difficulty, though you’ll need to be at least 85 and up with either your Scion class or with a Main and Sub Class. In this exercise, destroying turrets or objects – such as Enemy Battle Ships – and dispatching enemies will reward operatives with POINTS. You’ll need to achieve a certain amount of points to qualify for an S Rank Quest Completion, and if this is done on UH Difficulty, you’ll receive a Title reward of 20 Augment Transfer Passes – in addition to any other spoils you recover.


Fortunately, defeating enemies who have different technology and weaponry often yields spoils. This is also the case with this training program, as you’ll see below!


Featured Rewards

The weapons will have the following Weapon Potentials made available at +30 Enhancement Level

Weapon or Weapon Series

Weapon Potential

Atus Charis | 15★ Wired Lance

Hammer Flash Lv.3 – Increases potency by 10%. Consumes all focus to deliver an extra attack to nearby enemies when Heavenly Drop hits while Focus Gauge is maxed.

Ceiroth Weapon Series

Dark Requiem Lv.3 – Increases potency by 14%. Boosts the effects of Mark Heal and Mark PP Drain by 200%.

Orb Weapon Series

Deep Blue Dawn Lv. 3 – Increases potency by 13%. Instead of normal PP recovery, you recover 5 PP every second.

Talon Schneider | 15★ Gunblade

Radiant Field Lv.3 – Increases potency by 14%. Every 100 volts, max and current PP increase by 20. Max PP limit: 100.

Vortex Weapon Series

(Weapon Type) Laser Level 3 – Fires bullets automatically at target every 7 seconds while weapon is drawn. An additional bullet stream is fired with every 10 million damage dealt.

Adell Crouve | 15★ Twin Machine Guns

Crimson Waltz Lv.3 -  Increases potency by 14%. Reduces Focus Gauge Consumption when using the Hero Time skill. Increases max HT Counter Bonus to 16.

Millionaire Weapon Series

Brilliant Splendor Lv.3 -  Low probability: reduces damage on hit, reduces PP consumption when using Photon Arts, increases Normal Attack PP recovery, recovers HP with successfully landed attacks.




Among the spoils, operatives may find one or more of the Augments below.




Add S1: Augment Will

Potency increases based on your number of Augments, up to 4%.

Add S2: Precision Will 2

Increases critical damage by 4%.

Add S3: Lucent Adversity

Restores 15% of PP when you take damage.

Add S4: Steadfast Will

Normal attack potency increases 13%.

Add S4: Escalating Pursuit

When you hit with a PA or Technique, the damage done within a 4s window determines the amount of follow-up damage added to the next PA or Technique.

Add S5: Augment Bloom

Doubles the changing of Augment status.

Add S6: Tenacious Healscourge

Grants super armor for 60s after being inflicted with a status ailment.

Add S6: Evernight Star

Reduces the per-second decrease rate of Étoile Boost by 50%.

Add S7: Still Grace

When stationary for 1 second, begins restoring 4 PP per second.

Add S8: Skydance Support

When airborne for 2 seconds, activates Shifta and Deband every 10 seconds.




See you on the Gateway Ship, Arks!



 - The PSO2 Team


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