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New Urgent Quest: Imposing Iron Assault

There are rough waters ahead, Arks, as we attempt to stop a phantasmic Battleship from continuing its path of destruction. See this article to learn more about the upcoming battle with Battleship Yamato!

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All hands on deck! Arks are needed urgently to intercept an incoming threat. Though Phantasms may spawn in our path, we shall reach the monstrous ship making its IMPOSING IRON ASSAULT on the Japanese coast. AIS Units will be deployed if necessary, and are equipped with various functions to aid in pursuit should the target attempt to flee. The manifestation must be permanently destroyed, as it will only return–perhaps more fortified like the true IRON JUGGERNAUT OF THE HIGH SEAS that it is–until its destructive goal is reached. As you fire rounds, take care to target specific areas on the Ship so as to limit its destructive ability, allowing our units to move closer for more focused attacks. Try to give it a wide berth, as the range of its attacks are almost unavoidable without dodging frequently. It’s sink or swim time, operatives! Good luck!

An ARKS Operative is never quite off duty, as there always exists the potential for unplanned attacks from their tenacious enemies. In these instances, operatives must be reactive to changing conditions and enemies, as periodically the opposing forces will switch tactics and unleash new experiences–or new content–upon Fleet Oracle. These attacks are known throughout the Ships as URGENT QUESTS, and it is your active duty to respond. Should you need it, more generic information on Urgent Quests can be found here. Fortify yourself for combat, and then head to the Quest Counter, where clerks are standing by.



Duration (time allowed to complete quest): 40 minutes

A colossal phantasm has appeared off the coast of Japan, and it seems intent on wreaking as much havoc as it can. If it continues in its current bearing, it will wind up in an urban area, where the potential for catastrophic damage is likely. ARKS HQ has authorized the use of AIS units to freeze the target in place so as to prevent any accidental damage that may occur during the impending battle. The AIS units are also equipped with the new Hi-Boost System, in case pursuit of the target is necessary. Remain stalwart in your goal Arks, and we shall not fail.



Below are a few of the items you may receive!


After using AETHER FUSES, which are dropped in this quest, operatives can unlock and switch to a second Weapon Potential. A few examples are listed below.


Weapons that can switch to Dignified March Lv. 3 – Increases potency by up to 16% for a limited time.

  • Three Strike Phantasm Guns | ★13 Twin Machine Guns
  • Phantasm Lightning Rod | ★13 Rod


A weapon that can switch to Practiced Augmentation Lv. 3 – Increases potency, and decreases PP recovery amount, based on the number of Augments.

  • D-AIS Saber | ★13 Sword



Duration (time allowed to complete quest): 8 minutes, 4 player limit. 

Conditions for receipt: Must possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit and be level 80 on both Main and Sub Class. This quest will appear 30 minutes after the start of "Imposing Iron Assault."

The titanic phantasm is nearing the urban areas of the Japanese Coast. While en route, they seem to have made some modifications to their artillery, resulting in much more powerful long-range weaponry. Guide your AIS units carefully, operatives, and work cooperatively within your small tactical team. With this approach, speed is of the highest necessity, so we’ll need you to get in there and take the target out within 8 minutes. Good luck, Arks.



Here are a few items you may find!


The life of an ARKS Operative is variable, as the type, location, transport, planet, and other factors they face in their patrols may change from day to day and week to week. Prepare for challenging new content to roll out on a regular basis, as Urgent Quests are ever-changing! See you on the Gateway Ship, operative!



 - The PSO2 Team


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