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About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

We would like to inform you about the play status and some of the survey results from the Closed Beta Test.

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Thank you very much for participating in the NGS Closed Beta Test.

We were able to test the entire game system, verify the server communication load, and more. Thank you again.

Closed Beta Test Information

・Class Level

・Battle Power

・Class Ratio

Around 30% of players reached level 10 (950 or more battle power), and many players participated in Urgent Quests.

As for the class ratio, there tended to be slightly more players using Hunter and Gunner and slightly less players using Techter.

We were able to confirm that all classes were played without any major bias.

To avoid a specific class becoming overused, we plan to continue making updates post NGS-launch.

Closed Beta Test Survey Results Summary

< Closed Beta Test Days >

1 day: 47%

2 days: 40%

3 days: 13%

More than 50% played over 2 days, and many people participated in the test every day. Thank you!

< About the Content that was Rated Particularly Well in the Survey >

Character Creation/Salon

We received high ratings in general, but the character visuals and models received especially high ratings with 90% of the responses being “Very Good” or “Good”.

Post-launch, we will be releasing outfits that everyone will be satisfied with, so please forward to it.

In-game graphics (Fields and Enemies)

Received especially high ratings with over 90% being “Very Good” or “Good”.

Fields that were unavailable during the closed beta test such as West Aelio, Halphia Lake, and Vanford Laboratory Ruins will be added by the launch, so please try them out.

New elements for PSO2:NGS

The new actions “Glide” and “Photon Dash” received high ratings with over 80% being “Very Good” or “Good”.

Furthermore, regarding Glide, by the launch, there will be different looks for Glide such as MTN: Glide - Rappy included in the Start Dash Rappy Pack.

Regarding the details and release of the Start Dash Rappy Pack, please see the previously streamed NGS Special Program!

< About Opinions Received in the Survey >

About the inventory menu and other interfaces

Multiple things were pointed out about the inventory menu and other interfaces. 

Regarding solutions for the inventory menu and other interfaces, including problems caused/influenced by other interfaces, it is expected that it will take some time for such measures, as we intend to proceed carefully.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

About effects

There were comments that the effects were sometimes too bright.

For effects, we are considering if features such as the option setting "Reduce Some Lighting Effects" from PSO2 can be implemented.

Solutions will likely take some time, so we ask for your patience.

About the frequency rate for the appearance rate of Gathering (Minerals)

There were many comments that there were few minerals.

Regarding Limit Breaking and Unlocking Potentials that use minerals, the plan is for limit breaking and Unlocking Potentials to be done gradually over play, 

so we believe that the current appearance rate for minerals is appropriate. We ask for your understanding.

< About Other Contents of the Survey >

About the survey results for each class

For all items in the survey, “Very Good” and “Good” reached over 50%, and we believe players enjoyed the advanced actions of PSO2:NGS.

We are making adjustments to the cancel timing of weapon actions for the launch, so please enjoy further improved battle actions.

About post-launch play

About 90% of players answered that they want to play PSO2:NGS. Thank you!

Post-launch, we will continue to make updates to meet player expectations, so please continue to support PSO2:NGS.

Regarding the Closed Beta Test Participation Rewards

Players that log in by July 7 after the NGS launch will be eligible for the Closed Beta Test participation rewards.

We plan to distribute the Closed Beta Test rewards to players who have logged in by July 7 with the Xbox Live account they used to participate in the Closed Beta Test, at the end of Scheduled Maintenance on July 21 (Wed).

*All rewards for PSO2:NGS Closed Beta Test participation will be distributed to the Xbox Live accounts that were used to participate.

*If you have a Steam or Epic Games account, please link your account with an Xbox Live account before the official launch of PSO2:NGS.

Rewards for Suppressing a Boss Enemy in PSO2:NGS

[ Reward ]

•Clinging Rappy Earring (Accessory) x1

•STP: Ash – Handoffx1

Clinging Rappy Earring (Accessory)

STP: Ash – Handoff (Stamp)

*Clinging Rappy Earring (Accessory), 19 Ash: Handoff 1 (Stamp) are tradable.

*Images are of a work in progress.

[ Requirement ]

Supression of the Boss Enemy Nogleths during the closed beta test operating period.

Reaching Level 10 with 1 Class

[ Reward ]

•Clinging Rappy Earring (Accessory) x1
•SG 50 Ticket x1

Campaign Reward for Using the Personal Shop in PSO2:NGS

[ Reward ]

•SG 50 Ticket x1

Reward for Reaching a Battle Power of 1,050 in PSO2:NGS

[ Reward ]

•SG 100 Ticket x1

Campaign Rewards for Using the Material Storage in PSO2:NGS

[ Reward ]

•SG 50 Ticket x1

•STP: Ash – Handoff (Stamp) x1

Survey Reward

[ Reward ]

•SG 100 Ticket x1

[ Requirement ]

•Complete the survey for closed beta tests.

- The PSO2 Team 


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  • About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

    We would like to inform you about the play status and some of the survey results from the Closed Beta Test.