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On the Merits of Augment Transfer

If you’ve recently acquired a weapon upgrade (or expect to in the near future) and the process of affixing augments lies before you, check out this detailed guide on an item that makes the process a lot easier!

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Augment Transfer Passes are a new offering for Arks, and we credit ARKS intelligence officers with their creation. The usage of the item is simple, however the benefit is profound. Using an item as fodder, operatives can overwrite the base Augments on an item with the Augments that were on the item they selected as fodder. There is a maximum of 8 Augments that can be selected for transfer from the fodder item.   There is nothing left to chance in this process, as the success of the process is a certainty; so for those who are nervous about the process of Affixing, then this pass is for you.


You may wonder how we could possibly improve on this item, but we can, as it is possible to use an AFFIX AUGMENT item during the transfer process. These items can be used to add an Augment to your item that is not present on the fodder item. Some examples of Affix Augment items and the Augments they give are:


  • Affix Augment (PP) – Spirit Boost (PP +5)
  • Affix Augment (Technique) – Casting Boost (TEC +25)
  • Affix Augment (Melee & PP) – Noble Might (PP +3, MEL +30)


Adding one of these Augments, in addition to the transferrable Augments from your fodder item, can make for an instantaneously powerful new weapon. Use caution, however, as your fodder item is destroyed in the process.



If you need more, additional Augment Transfer Passes can be purchased from the Limited Class Ex-Cube Exchange Shop at the Swap Shop. There is, however, a monthly exchange limit, as these items are highly prized and time-consuming to make.


To purchase one, you’ll need:


  • Class EX-Cube (x2)


Select the exchange that matches your available Class EX-Cubes, and you’re all set! 

* The number of Augment Transfer Pass that can be exchanged in the Limited Class EX-Cube Exchange Shop is limited to 40 per month. 

* There will be more ways to get augment transfer passes in the future.



Well, you can’t just Affix Augments anywhere, can you? You’ll need to head to the Item Shop and request the aid of either Item Scientist Dudu or Monica. Once you have their attention, you’ll have the option to “Transfer Augment(s)”, and upon selecting this you’ll be shown a screen in a likely familiar format. If the format is not familiar, you can visit the article referenced at the beginning of this notice.


  1. Select the Item that you would like to receive the Augments.
  2. Select the item you would like to use as fodder (the item that has the Augments on it that you’d like to transfer.)
  3.  At this point, an option will pop up which will allow you to select any Affix Augment items, if you have them on your person. You can also choose not to use them. Make your decision and proceed.
  4.  Select the Augments you would like to transfer to the receiving item. The maximum possible number of Augments is 8, however the individual circumstance will be dictated by how many Augment slots the receiving item hasTherefore, it is a good idea to ensure that your receiving item has a good number of Augment Slots before you begin this process, as it is not reversible.
  5.  A Confirmation screen will appear, advising you of the risks as well as your final item, and you are able to complete the process so long as you have the required items. That’s it!


*For exact details on the needed materials to transfer a specific number of Augments, please view this page.


*All Augments that are used on the receiving item as Materials will be lost, along with those not used. However, S-Grade Augments will be returned.

*For receiving items of Rarity 13 or higher, Owner Registration will occur, which makes the item unavailable for trade.

* The required amount of Augment Transfer Passes and Meseta will vary depending on the number and type of augments you have selected to be transferred.

*  You cannot affix more than one of the same type of Augment.



These items are quite handy to have, so any time you have a chance to get your hands on one, take it! See you at the Item Lab, Arks!



- The PSO2 Team


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