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What’s New In Episode 4

Ready for Episode 4, but still trying to figure out what you’re most excited about? Check out this article for a review of the features and content arriving in our first episode release in the West!

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The time is finally here, Arks! The next major content update, EPISODE 4, arrives on August 5th!


Give those arms a stretch after coming out of Cryo-sleep and make sure you don’t feel any lingering effects of corruption from your encounter with the Profound Darkness in Episode 3. About 2 years has passed, and Fleet Oracle has a new commander. Some oddly-behaving Arks have recently been spotted among the Ships, and Commander Ulc needs you to investigate to ensure they are who they say they are. She’s also tasked you with finding out if there’s any relation between the odd Arks and the recently discovered planet, Earth.


Under the new command, a few things have been added, and ARKS HQ wants to make sure you’re apprised of what to expect when Episode 4 arrives. Please keep your hands and arms inside the Gateway Ship, as we start off on a brief tour of the included content!


Some of the new changes and features include:

  • Global access for an additional 33 countries
  • Player Level cap increased to 80
  • Photon Art and Technique Levels increased to 17
  • New Skills available from Player Level 76 to 80
  • Introduction of PvP in the BATTLE ARENA
  • New PSO2 Friend List, separate from Xbox Live Friend List
  • Character slot maximums have increased to 20
  • New ARKS Missions
  • Universal Ship for Battle Arena and Challenge Quests
  • BONUS Quests for huge amounts of EXP, Meseta, and material items!
  • New Seasonal Events
  • New Alliance Quarters, including Tokyo, Battleship, and Lunar Surface
  • Characters from the Anime series of Phantasy Star Online 2 will appear on the Ship, and can join your party after completing specific Client Orders!
  • Exciting new Titles to earn
  • New enemy types to challenge
  • New quest types
  • New areas to explore
  • Preview your purchases in the Fresh Finds Shop
  • Send your Material Items automatically to the Storehouse
  • Season 6 of the Mission Pass


A few of the new features and changes deserve to have a little bit more said about them, so let’s get started!



CRAFTING has finally come to PSO2! This will allow operatives to customize armor, Techniques, and Photon Arts! Crafting can be accessed via the Personal Terminal in your Personal Quarters or from the Mini-Room. Each crafting type will have a “Crafting Level,” which can be increased by completing Crafting Achievements. Increasing your level can impart bonus effects when crafting!

To summarize the benefits:

  • Equipment Extension (Units) allows you to re-write the basic values of a Unit
  • Customize the abilities, speed, and potency of Photon Arts
  • Customize the potency, speed, number of hits, or range of Techniques
  • Add a Timed Ability to a Unit, such as one that increases a recovery or attack power effect
  • Dismantle unwanted items and receive the material items for crafting
  • Daily Crafting Orders will arrive
  • Receive Crafting Orders from other operatives


There’s a lot to learn, operative, so make sure to check it out for yourself!



With new Expeditions to explore Tokyo and Las Vegas, operatives will have plenty to do in Episode 4. New features in these areas will include the ability to move freely throughout the map, and include the use of new modes of transportation–Ridroids! Additional Ridroid Quests can also be accepted via the Quest Counter, if you find yourself becoming fond of them. Of course, these new areas mean there are new items to find in them, and a few of them include:



PvP has made its way to the Ships! Well, the UNIVERSAL SHIP, that is. This Ship will host operatives from the whole fleet who are desirous of testing their might against their fellow Arks in the BATTLE ARENA, as well as those looking for allies to undertake CHALLENGE QUESTS. In the Battle Arena, defeating opponents and claiming victory in your matches will earn you Battle Coin, which can be redeemed at the Battle Coin Exchange Shop. There is also a LIMITED EXCHANGE menu where SG can be purchased with Battle Coins every week! You can purchase 10SG up to 5 times and 5SG up to 10 times for a total of 100SG! For a sneak peak at what else you can earn, see below!


If you’ve outgrown your previous Rising Weapons Badge gear, or want to be on solid footing as a rookie, start earning these new badges and exchange them in the Shopping Plaza for powerful rewards! A few notable weapons include:



If you’re starting a bit behind your friends, the Collection Folder can be a great way to catch up. That’s why ARKS HQ is introducing a new Collection Folder–the Next ★13 Collection 1! These items are obtainable by completing Urgent Quests and Expeditions to collect the individual pieces needed for your desired reward. A few of the new ★13  items include:



Odd Arks seems to have infiltrated Fleet Oracle, but is their purpose nefarious? Discover their origin while you explore the newly-discovered planet, Earth, and learn of the parallels between your home and Earth. New characters and old friends will join you on your quest to curtail the Falspawn and other hostile entities. You’ll battle new enemies–Phantasms–the manifested fear and dread of Earth’s citizens, comprised of “Aether” particles and able to move as dust on the wind.


There’s more included, but we don’t want to spoil all the fun for you! Just make sure join us in Phantasy Star Online 2 on August 5th, when we welcome operatives from an additional 33 countries! See you on Earth, operatives!


 - The PSO2 Team


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