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What’s New in Episode 5

If you’re ready for a phantastical adventure, then prepare yourselves operatives, because Episode 5 launches on September 30th! Read this article for details on what’s included!

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The time for EPISODE 5 is drawing nigh, and operatives should prepare for its arrival on September 30th!


Finding yourself on a fog-enshrouded, flower-dotted plain, a strong sense of displacement and confusion fills you. You had been mid-battle with the Profound Darkness, yet again, in an attempt to sever its corruptive hold on Persona. Suddenly, you feel the vibration of riders approaching, and spot a girl astride a scaled mount, fleeing other riders atop similar beasts. A confrontation seems imminent, and you briefly have time to reflect on what this new mystery will bring in the way of adventure.


Episode 5 brings quite a bit of new content and features, and though you have but a few moments before the party is upon you, you muse over the changes that are to take place on September 30th.



Some of the new changes and features include: 

  • Player Level cap increased to 90
  • New ARKS Missions
  • New Seasonal Events
  • New Alliance Quarters
  • Exciting new Titles to earn
  • New Collection Folder
  • New quest types
  • New areas to explore
  • New S-Grade Augments
  • Ability to transfer S-Grade Augments
  • Ability to add a L-Ring Skill to ★12 Units

A few of the new features and changes deserve to have a little bit more said about them, so let’s get started!



After lending aid to those on Earth, ARKS discovers a mysteriously created portal that leads to another dimension, called “Omega.” This world seems driven purely by fantasy, a world of swords and magic instead of technology and science. The two worlds are in direct contrast with each other, and as the story progresses the player will frequently move between them while observing the strange similarities these worlds share. Simultaneously, a mysterious woman who calls herself “Alma” appears, and she seems to have information about Omega and–strangely–about ARKS.



A new type of class has come to Fleet Oracle, the HERO CLASS. Heroes are trained in the use of several weapons, including: Swords, Twin Machine Guns, and Talises. But this class wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is if the Hero wielded these weapons in the style of other classes. No, their methods are unique amongst the Classes, in that Twin Machine Guns are suitable for ranged combat and can grant PP recovery mid-fight, Talises grant the Hero the ability to move to pre-determined locations at high-speed, and Swords decimate packs of enemies with a wide-range attack. Perhaps most interestingly, Heroes possess specific Photon Arts that allow them to quickly change between all three weapon types while in combat, making the Hero a self-reliant whirlwind of destruction that can adapt to changing situations on the battlefield with ease.


Notable Photon Arts of the Hero include:

  • Trickflash – Sword Photon Art for Heroes. Execute a high-speed thrust. Holding the button will swap to your Talis and unleash a follow-up strike.
  • Jet Wheel - Talis Photon Art for Heroes. Deploys a shuriken which spins about, slicing up targets. The shuriken remains active even if you swap to another Hero weapon.
  • Starfire Squall – Twin Machine Guns Photon Art for Heroes. Pelt enemies with a one-handed barrage of fire. Performing this Photon Art after dodging an attack will increase its damage.



By harnessing the power that you’ve accumulated from Dark Falz, you are able to perform an ability called DARK BLAST. During Dark Blast, your HP and other basic traits are greatly enhanced, and different, more powerful attacks become available to you. Dark Blast is only useable once per quest, and the ability to use it depends on the status of a gauge that fills as you fight enemies. Once in Dark Blast Form, you’re able to use any special Dark Blast skills you may have acquired after spending accumulated Special EXP, which is built up by defeating enemies in a quest and gained upon quest completion.



  • Dark Barrier – raises a large Photon wall in front of you, which draws enemy attacks.
  • Ultimate Impact – Only useable once per transformation, this skill allows you to channel Photon energy into your arms and release it in a focused blast of destruction. Has a large area of effect and deals extreme damage.
  • HP Up – Boosts your Max HP.



  • Extend Normal Attack Combo ½ - add extra stages to your Normal Attacks, such as a fourth attack.
  • Bloody Heal – Recovers HP for you and allies around you.
  • Physical Dash – Dash at high Speed for a limited time.



  • Punishment Knuckle - Unleash a devastating punch after charging. Charging results in greatly enhanced attack power. So powerful that Demon Bulwarks in Buster Quests take only one punch to destroy.



The world of Omega is divided amongst 4 nations.


CUENTO, a land of nature and magic; but also a land embroiled in civil war between those on the side of righteousness in the Revolutionary Army, and those who back a Pretender to the throne who seeks personal gain through any means necessary. This includes the consumption of Ephemera to fuel an unquenchable thirst for power, and obstinately ignoring the maddening effect Ephemera has on the user. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, after all.


WEYLAND is a land of parched plains and billowing dust. The wind, as it whittles the landscape, also whittles the people who reside there, molding them into volatile, combative, hardened warriors who are also experiencing civil unrest. Having attained his position through combat with all who would oppose them, their Emperor is not content to rule in peace, but would rather continue to challenge any he deems as worthy adversaries. Some would say this continual thirst for needless bloodshed borders on madness.


EPYK, a land of extremes in both its geology and people. The terrain vacillates between lush oases and barren dunes, while the people (and their Queen) are mercurial in temperament and passionate by nature. The Queen of Epyk craves excitement in her sand-filled days and may look to current events to get it. 


YS ARTIA is a forest-dotted woodland, with green rolling hills and ocean breezes that invite visitors and residents alike to savor peace and tranquility; making it a popular destination for those wishing to relax. Their newly ascended Symbol wishes the same, but the demands of governing weigh heavy on his young shoulders and he has become resigned to his administrative future.


SUPERNATURALS are a new foe for ARKS Operatives and are created by way of sorcerous summoning–catalyzed by Ephemera. Our research thus far shows that in general, the group does not seem to have any kind of shared weakness, and instead seem to have weaknesses dependent on their individual characteristics. Operatives have encountered the Omega Wolf, Foi Sorcerers, and Resta Golems so far.


Perhaps the most formidable of Supernaturals, the Castrum Demonica is a fortification capable of summoning an endless wave of creatures and Demonic Arms such as Conjured Artillery, Ephemera Cores, and Demon Artillery. Though the Castrum Demonica are greatly feared, it has been shown that Guardians are able to control a siege weapon called a BUSTER TOWER. This will potentially change the fate of Omega, as those who seek to do good by restoring the land to a peace known before the appearance of Ephemera can now take a stand against those who seek domination.


Features of Buster Quests:

  • On a team of 8 operatives, you will alternate between the Defense Phase and the Buster Phase.
  • Defense Phases require defending your siege bases, known as Buster Towers, from enemies.
  • Buster Phases entail attacking the front line and protecting BUSTER PILES–weaponry needed to assault the walls of the Castrum Demonica.
  • Mana collected from the field is used for a variety of large-scale ARKS weaponry and support abilities.
  • As your number of cleared Buster Quests grows, your GRADE increases. A higher Grade means better rewards.
  • In general, you will be matched with operatives who have a similar grade.

Featured Rewards

and Cleasis Boosters!


BUSTER MEDALS can be collected in Buster Quests as well, and these can be used as currency at the BUSTER MEDAL EXCHANGE SHOP.


The below weapons show different upgrade stages of the ★13 Sword, Ivlida Hander, which can be obtained via Buster Quests. With the collection and submission of 60 CLEASIS BOOSTERS (also obtained from Buster Quests) alongside an Ivlida Hander to Zig in the Shopping Plaza, the Cleasis Hander shown below will be obtained. Similarly, after 60 SCHVELLE BOOSTERS have been collected and handed in (by giving Zig 10 Cleasis Boosters for 1 Schvelle Booster) alongside a Cleasis Hander, the Schvelle Hander shown below will be obtained.

There are many different types of Ivlida Weapons that can be upgraded in this way, so get your favorite and start collecting Cleasis Boosters!


The next Rising Weapons Badge, and the wares that can be purchased with them, are here!

Featured Rewards

We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of the content in Episode 5, and hope you’ll join us September 30th when the real fun begins! See you in a Buster Quest, Arks!

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- The PSO2 Team


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