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What’s New in Episode 6

There’s a LOT of content coming when Episode 6 boards the Ship, operatives! Check out this article and study up so you’re prepared!

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So, you left the Sacred Magical Kingdom of Epykuento in the transcendent hands of a friend, and headed back to Fleet Oracle for some much needed R&R. The only problem is that your legendary feats in vanquishing one enemy inadvertently permitted the entry of another – and she even had the gall to thank you for it. As your experience on Alternate Dimension: Omega taught you, the universe tends to favor recycling things; though chaos often interferes and these re-creations can be – flawed. Add this to the newfound knowledge that your experience on Omega may not have been historically accurate, and you have the recipe for a grim sense of foreboding. ARKS will again need your help; to make sense of the past – and preserve the future.


There will be new training regimens, and new equipment that will better enable Fleet Oracle to meet this new challenge head-on when it arrives. Apprise yourselves of the contents of this notice, operatives, and then dispose of it in a secure manner.



Some of the new changes and features include:

  • New Story
  • Player Level cap increased to 95
  • New Classes – Phantom & Étoile
  • New Summoner Pets – Herbie and Vulcan
  • New Urgent Quests
  • New Quest Type – Risk Exploration
  • Arms Extension
  • New Quest Difficulty – Ultra-Hard (UH)
  • New ARKS Missions
  • New Rising Weapons Badge
  • New Enemy Type – Luminmech and Ultra Enemies
  • New Seasonal Events
  • New Mission Pass Season
  • Exciting new Titles to earn
  • Additional Recommended Quest – Level Up Quest
  • New Collection Folders – Legendary 15★ Collection Folder, 14★ Eggs Collection 1
  • New Bonus Quest – Special Mission: Tokyo [Rainbow]
  • New Practice Quests – Étoile, Phantom, AIS Vega
  • New S-Grade Augments
  • New 15★ Weapons at Zig Shop
  • New 13★ Units at Zig Shop
  • 13★ Units can be have S-class Augments - S6, S7, S8


A few of the new features and changes deserve to have a little bit more said about them, so let’s get started!



After your victorious return from the battle in Alternate Dimension: Omega, the universe seems to be righting itself, as the massive Black Hole seems to have disappeared. The only remaining oddity left to address is the sudden appearance of someone bearing a striking resemblance to a recent acquaintance – who happens to call herself Shiva, Goddess of Annihilation. Outside of the forbidding name, perhaps most alarming is the fact that Photon Arts and Techniques appear to be totally ineffective at warding her, and her companions, off. Fortunately, her initial overture towards ARKS was brief, though its purpose was to flatly declare war.


Bolstered by an armada of her own, Shiva has deployed her forces in a standard formation – directly opposing Fleet Oracle. Though the battlespace is limitless, preparation time is not, and the most massive battle in the history of ARKS is about to begin.



A Scion Class, the Phantom adeptly uses Rods, Katanas, and Assault Rifles in a manner unique to their Class. But their advantage doesn’t end there, for they can quickly modify their Rod or Katana’s standard Photon Arts on the fly with the use of a Weapon Action, thus executing a Shift Photon Art and increasing the variety of attacks they can perform. Even their Techniques, when executed with a Rod in hand, provide an additional Technique Attack.  


In the hands of a Phantom, the Phantom Assault Rifle is used to create Phantom Bits, allowing the Phantom to continue with their Attacks and Photon Arts while deployed Bits seek and detonate upon the target. Perhaps most impressive, subsequent attacks against enemies will apply a Phantom Marker, which detonates when struck with a Charged Weapon Action.


Finally, Phantoms can learn the skill Phantom Time, which extends the duration of their invulnerability when sidestepping and reduces their PP consumption by 20% for a short time. Using Phantom Time Finish once the duration of Phantom Time is nearly expired will unleash a massive attack upon the Phantom’s enemies. As with all Scion Classes, you will need to level two Classes to level 75 before you are able to complete Officer Kofy’s Class Permit Trial unlocking the Phantom Class. Phantoms are also unable to select a Sub-Class, however other Classes can select Phantom as their Sub-Class.


Notable Photon Arts of the Phantom include:

  • Rufkonzert - Rod Photon Art for Phantoms. Unleash a string of attacks and then let loose a shockwave. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
  • Wolkenkratzer - Katana Photon Art for Phantoms. Execute a drop attack accompanied by a shock wave. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.
  • Verbrechen - Assault Rifle Photon Art for Phantoms. Launch a line of attack satellites as you move. Performing a Weapon Action changes the Photon Art.



Notable in the fields of Defense and Support skills, Étoiles shine quite brightly when in the thick of battle. Capable of wielding the Double Saber, which allows for increased aerial mobility; Soaring Blades, which grant them the ability to defend while still attacking; and Wands, which provide free movement while allowing the Étoile to continue with their attacks.


In the hands of an Étoile, the Double Saber grants the operative high mobility, special aerial abilities, and the ability to accumulate Focus through the Focus Gauge – which is spent automatically to help mitigate incoming damage. Naturally, this Focus can also be spent on an Enhanced Attack, so it’s up to the Étoile to determine the best use of their Focus at a given time. The Weapon Action of the Étoile Double Saber is called Deflect and using it will activate a Perfect Guard. Deflect can also be used to unleash a powerful counterattack. Perhaps most notable is the Étoile’s ability to use Double Saber Skip Arts, allowing them to tailor their attacks to specific parts of their Photon Arts.


Soaring Blades allow an Étoile to Parry by using their Weapon Action. This allows them to block attacks from every direction, even when the Étoile is in the middle of a Photon Art. Étoile Soaring Blades also allow the use of the Focus Gauge, which can be spent on a powerful Connect Attack upon reaching a certain level. Building the Focus Gauge even more will unleash a Full Connect Attack.


Perhaps the most favored weapon, the Étoile Wand provides the operative with high mobility and attacks that chain together naturally. Using the Weapon Action at the right time during the use of a Photon Art will release a Focused Photon Art, which may be smaller in scope, but far more powerful. Used on its own, the Weapon Action will activate Charge Protect, providing the Étoile with defense while moving. By expending the Étoile Focus Gauge, this defensive stance can be maintained longer. Once the Focus Gauge has been depleted to a certain level, a powerful attack known as a Protect Release will occur and devastate the area surrounding the Étoile.


Naturally, as with the other Scion Classes, this Class is restricted to senior operatives who have reached Level 75 with two different Classes. Also, like the Phantom, Étoile can be chosen as a Sub-class.


Notable Photon Arts of the Scion include:

  • Light Wave – Soaring Blades Photon Art. Unleashes a barrage of blows that emit shockwaves and launches a Photon Blade that pierces the enemy.
  • Black Hole Rapture – Wand Étoile Photon Art. Sucks up targets into an explosion. Attack changes depending on Weapon Actions.
  • Celestial Collide – Double Saber Photon Art. Release a giant Photon Blade into the enemy with a heel drop.



Herbie An evolved form of Redran (though of the same Rarity), Herbie has increased DEX (+93 at Level 130). Herbie has a new personality type, that of GENIUS. When facing a Boss-type enemy, this personality will provide increased PP recovery, faster performance of Photon Arts, and increased Normal Attack damage. Though evolved from Redran, Herbie’s Photon Arts are slightly different in that Laser affects fewer targets, the potency and range of Mine are increased in exchange for a higher PP Cost, Slash yields higher damage at the cost of more PP, Gravity requires less PP, and Burst charges faster and requires less PP but also deals less damage.


Vulcan – The evolved form of Synchro, its nature allows for higher damage with chained Photon Arts. It has an altered personality, however, and is considered Aggressive. This personality reduces its Critical Hit Rate in exchange for greatly increased damage. It also has slightly higher Dexterity, Defense, and HP than its lesser form. Kick’s damage is greatly increased at the cost of more PP, Fist deals increased damage, and Bomb and Strike do more damage compared to their Synchro counterparts.




There’s a new entry in the Recommended Quests at the Quest Counter – Level Up Quests! These will also reward a Special Present at the end of the Quest, in addition to providing an additional 200% EXP!




Earn your way towards your next upgrade!


Legendary 15★ Collection Folder

That’s right Arks! Check out these 15★, +30 Enhancement Level Weapons!



14★ Eggs Collection 1

Summoners, we heard you! Don’t miss this opportunity to earn a 14★ Pet Egg of your choosing!



Wanda Egg | 14★

Trim S Egg | 14★

Sally Egg | 14★

Marron S Egg | 14★

Melon Egg | 14★

Viola S Egg | 14★

Rappy Egg | 14

Synchro S Egg | 14★

Jinga Egg | 14★

Aero S Egg | 14★

Popple Egg | 14★

Redran S Egg | 14★

Herbie Egg | 14

Vulcan Egg | 14




Naturally, Shiva has some new baddies for operatives to play with. See below for the latest information ARKS HQ has received on them!



Luminmech are enemies created and dispatched by Shiva, Goddess of Annhilation. Luminmech have high attack power, use heavy armor, and have unique skills that make them a very dangerous foe.


Ultra Enemies

Ultra Enemies are Native inhabitants and Falspawn of each planet that have undergone an additional, corruption-induced transformation. These enemies will be encountered in Ultra Hard Difficulty Quests.

 After dispatching some Ultra Enemies, operatives have reported that each has dropped a special 15★ weapon, similar to those dropped in Risk Exploration quests.


Expeditions may have become less challenging as you’ve become more powerful, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t enemies out there that will truly test your mettle! Risk Explorations are the next frontier that ARKS HQ would like you to explore, but be forewarned, because these quests are only available for those who aren’t afraid to take on Ultra Hard Quests!


It takes some time (3 days) for ARKS HQ to plan out which set of areas should be explored, and when, so these will not all be simultaneously be available, as normal Expedition Quests are. You can also expect to be more challenged by the random occurrence of Emergency Trials as well, as they’ll have more difficult goals under different conditions than those that have occurred elsewhere.



Risk Exploration Forest, Tundra, or Ruins


Risk Exploration Desert, Underground Shafts, or Abandoned Mine


Risk Exploration Coast, Underground Seabed, or Floating Facility



You can now exchange weapons for 15★ RIVALATE SERIES WEAPONS at the Zig Shop, provided you have the necessary materials, including a Key Rivalate.



Description automatically generated



*Diard materials are obtainable by Dismantling 15★ weapons at the Crafting Terminal.

**Plam materials are obtainable by Dismantling 15★ and 14★ weapons at the Crafting Terminal.

***Class Ex-Cubes drop in the quest Survey: Remants of a Parallel World and Ultra Hard (UH) Quests.

These weapons will have the following Weapon Potential available:

Weapon Potential

Liberated Fang Lv. 3 – Increases Critical Rate by 20% and potency by 16%. PP consumption reduced by 15%.




That weapon seemed perfect when you first got it, but now compared to some of the new items you’re picking up lately, it’s not so hot. The good news is that WEAPON EXTENSION Is now available in your Personal Quarters via the Crafting Terminal! Extending your (up to 12★) weapon can overwrite the standard stats with those of a selected recipe – once you’ve raised the weapon’s Extension Level enough – with the maximum level being 12. The Enhancement Level, Augments, and Weapon Potentials will not be affected.


To Extend your weapon, you’ll need some materials, most of which can be attained by Dismantling 7★ or higher equipment at the Crafting Terminal. As you Extend more items, you’ll attain Crafting Achievements, which will unlock additional, more powerful Recipes.


If you’re looking for an entirely new upgrade and the Rare Drop Rate has not favored you, you can now craft 13★ weapons at the Crafting Terminal! These weapons can then be Extended up to Extension Level 8!




The next Rising Weapons Badge, and the wares that can be purchased with them, are here! Perhaps most notably, you can now purchase Sweets for your Pets and S-Grade Augments!



*By using the Key Rivalate found in Mission Pass 11 or received as a Title Reward for achieving the Title of Glass Guardian, you can upgrade Novel Series Weapons to Rivalate Series Weapons.



Exquisite Comeback Parfait | 14

Exquisite Satisfying Parfait | 14

Exquisite Spicy Parfait | 14

Exquisite Megaton Parfait | 14

Super Ideal Parfait | 13

Super Hype Parfait | 13

Super Hungry Parfait | 13

Super Patrol Parfait | 13



Add S1: Goliathslayer's Will

Increases damage dealt to bosses by 4%

Add S1: Lustrous Partbreaker

When attacking destructible parts, PP recovery when attacking increases 40%.

Add S1: Skillful Adept

Critical Rate increases 15%.

Add S1: Comrade's Blessing

When two or more members are in the party, PP consumption is reduced and Critical Rate increases according to the number of members.

Add S2: Luminous Adaptation

Increases PP Recovery by 100% if weapon is holstered but decreases it by 100% if weapon is drawn.

Add S2: One with the Flame

Fire/Burn Resistance increases. Potency increases when an enemy is weak to Fire.

Add S2: One with the Tundra

Ice/Freeze Resistance increases. Potency increases when an enemy is weak to Ice.

Add S2: One with the Thunder

Lightning/Shock Resistance increases. Potency increases when enemy is weak to Lightning.

Add S2: One with the Storm

Wind/Blind Resistance increases. Potency increases when an enemy is weak to Wind.

Add S2: One with the Light

Increases Light/Panic Resistance. Potency increases when an enemy is weak to Light.

Add S2: One with the Dark

Increases Dark/Poison Resistance. Potency increases when an enemy is weak to Dark.




Balance adjustment – Hero

  • Heroic Boost – The maximum and minimum values for power gain from this skill have been raised.
  • Hero Counter – During Hero Counter, Heroic Boost has had its maximum power value increased.
  • Precision Attack Critical – Critical rate has been increased.


Quest Triggers added to Rising Weapons Badge 4 Exchange Shop

  • Quest Triggers up to Episode 5 have been added, e.g. Hostility Trigger, Unceasing Madness Trigger, Crimson Fellwyrm Trigger, etc.


Unique Weapons Badge Exchange Shop - New and Sale items!

  • 14★ Ares Series Weapons are now available
  • 15★ Weapons that come from Ultra Enemies are now available
  • 13★ and below weapons are offered at half their original cost!


New ARKS Missions – Time Attack Quests

  • Rewards three, 7★ Units with several Augments. Very useful for new or returning players!
    1. Back / Hiei Houyoku
    2. Arms / Hiei Sou
    3. Legs / Hiei Shoke


New Function available via the Scratch Ticket Prize List – Check Item Market Prices!


Account Character Creation limit increased to 30!



We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse of the content in Episode 6, and hope you’ll join us for Episode 6 – when the real fun begins! See you in a Risk Exploration, Arks!



- The PSO2 Team


  • Regarding a defect with the PSO2:NGS game Launcher

    Attention ARKS! We are currently updating the game launcher.




  • About specifications of the effect duration of the boost items in PSO2:NGS

    The remaining effect time of Boost items in PSO2:NGS will reduce from the time it’s used as intended function.




  • About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

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