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ARKS Holiday Wear

There's no better way to enjoy the Holidays than dressing up in your most festive outfit and getting a PSE Outfit Boost with it!

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We hope you're enjoying the Holiday Event in PSO2 Global alongside the new festive outfits the Scratch Ticket collections have to offer! Not only because of the Holiday spirit, but also because some of these outfits will give you a PSE OUTFIT BONUS EFFECT when participating in the Christmas on Ice Urgent Quest!



Make sure you're dressed appropriately for the Holidays and for your well-deserved PSE OUTFIT BONUS EFFECT! Show us your most festive outfits and enjoy the Holidays on Fleet Oracle! Here's a list of eligible outfits:



Unisex Outfits

Reindeer Costume Mini

Reindeer Costume Mini: Shadow

Reindeer Costume Mini: Snow


Outfits (Female)

Joyous Noel

Merry Caroling Dress

Merry Caroling Dress: Shadow

Merry Caroling Dress: Snow

Harmony Santa

Harmony Santa: Shadow

Harmony Santa: Snow

Saphir Fret

Saphir Fret: Ruby

Saphir Fret: Shadow

Saphir Fret: Snow

Glamora Minion

Glamora Minion: Sea

Glamora Minion: Shadow

Glamora Minion: Snow


Layering Wear (Female)

Carretera Vinto [Ou]

Carretera Vinto [Ba]

Carretera Vinto: Ruby [Ba]

Carretera Vinto: Snow [Ba]

Carretera Vinto: Shadow [Ba]

Carretera Vinto: Grace [Ba]

Esta Teresa [Ou]

Esta Teresa [Ba]

Esta Teresa: Snow [Ba]

Esta Teresa: Sea [Ba]

Esta Teresa: Shadow [Ba]

Esta Teresa: Night [Ba]

Full-dress Commander [Ba]

Full-dress Commander: Ruby [Ba]

Full-dress Commander: Snow [Ba]

Full-dress Commander: Shadow [Ba]

Freakish Outfit [Ou]

Freakish Outfit [Ba]

Freakish Outfit: Shadow [Ba]

Freakish Outfit: Ruby [Ba]

Freakish Outfit: Sky [Ba]

Freakish Outfit: Sun [Ba]

Innocencia Yule [Ou]

Innocencia Yule [Ba]

Innocencia Yule: Sakura [Ba]

Innocencia Yule: Snow [Ba]

Caroling Dress [Ou]

Caroling Dress [Ba]

Caroling Dress: Ruby [Ba]

Caroling Dress: Shadow [Ba]

Caroling Dress: Snow [Ba]

Neve Renna [Ou]

Neve Renna [Ba]

Neve Renna: Ruby [Ba]

Neve RennaShadow [Ba]

Neve RennaSnow [Ba]

Melty Christmas [Ou]

Melty Christmas [Ba]

Melty Christmas: Snow [Ba]

Melty Christmas: Shadow [Ba]

December Ange [Ou]

December Ange [Ba]

December Ange: Snow [Ba]

December Ange: Shadow [Ba]

Melter Winter [Ou]

Melter Winter [Ba]

Melter Winter: Shadow [Ba]

Melter Winter: Snow [Ba]

Outfits (Male)

Santa Suit

Blau Stelmo

Blau Stelmo: Ruby

Blau Stelmo: Shadow

Blau Stelmo: Snow


Layering Wear (Male)

Scharf Vinto [Ou]

Scharf Vinto [Ba]

Scharf Vinto: Ruby [Ba]

Scharf Vinto: Snow [Ba]

Scharf Vinto: Shadow [Ba]

Es Refix [Ou]

Es Refix [Ba]

Es Refix: Night [Ba]

Es Refix: Snow [Ba]

Es Refix: Shadow [Ba]

Full-dress Deputy [Ba]

Full-dress Deputy: Ruby [Ba]

Full-dress Deputy: Snow [Ba]

Full-dress Deputy: Shadow [Ba]

Freakish Outfit M [Ou]

Clochette Noël [Ou]

Clochette Noël [Ba]

Clochette Noël: Snow [Ba]

Clochette Noël: Shadow [Ba]

Clochette Noël: Sea [Ba]

Svet Noci [Ou]

Svet Noci [Ba]

Svet Noci: Shadow [Ba]

Svet Noci: Ruby [Ba]

Svet Noci: Night [Ba]

Brave Glory [Ou]

Brave Glory [Ba]

Brave Glory: Night [Ba]




That’s it, Arks! Dress cozily and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with ARKS! Happy Holidays!


 - The PSO2 Team


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