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Content Update: New Scion Class - Luster

Welcome to February and new PSO2 content! Take a shot at Luster, new Ultra Hard Urgent Quests, new Extreme Quests and more starting February 3rd!

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Like most ARKS Operatives, you’re probably wondering what exciting content is coming for the month of February. Fortunately, we’re here with a preview of the exciting changes coming to PSO2 Global on February 3rd! Try out the new Luster Class, Level your Class to 100, dig in to Chapter 6 of [EP6], and more!


  • New Scion Class: Luster
  • Class Level Cap raised to 100
  • Unlocks Story Quest [EP6] Chapter 6
  • Additional Ultra Hard Difficulty Urgent Quests
  • New Extreme Quests
  • New items available at the Rising Weapons Badge 5 Exchange Shop
  • New AC Scratch Ticket collection – Blazing Luster
  • New Mission Pass – Season 13

Let’s dig deeper into these new developments! 


Excelling in high-speed combat, those operatives who choose the new Luster Class can only equip Gunblades – though they can switch between three combat styles depending on the element of the weapon they have equipped. In order to tackle this Class, you must have attained at least level 75 on two different classes.

  • Zandi Style – This is a high-speed style that is activated when a Wind or Lightning Element weapon is equipped. Most notable for its agility and proficiency with area of effect attacks.
  • Fomel Style – This aggressive style of combat is activated when a weapon is equipped that has a Fire or Dark Element type. Highly effective in close combat.
  • Baran Style – Activated when an Ice or Light Element weapon is equipped, the Baran Style is known for its defensive capability, due in part to its guarded abilities with long-range attacks.

 The Weapon Action of the Luster Gunblade is known as an Evasion Shot, which allows them to fire off a ranged attack while moving. They are also invulnerable for brief period after firing this off.

Their Photon Arts are divided into those of close combat that use the sword part of the Gunblade, and those that utilize ranged combat via the gun part of their weapon. This makes them deadly at any range and provides true versatility in combat.

Lusters are capable of enhanced actions, which are performed by expending Luster Gunblade Focus. This Focus builds gradually with defeat of every enemy. Naturally, some of these actions are influenced by your current combat style. These actions include an Enhanced Attack (via your normal attack), an Enhanced Shot (via your Gunblade Weapon Action), and Enhanced Arts (which are your Luster Photon Arts.)

In addition, the effects of Luster Gunblade Photon Arts will change depending on your movement. Mobile Arts are activated while moving and generate a movement effect and Stationary Arts are unleashed while standing still.

Notable Luster Class Skills

Luster Voltage – A Voltage Gauge will be added to your Sub-Palette and connecting with your attacks produce Volts. Your accumulated Voltage will increase your Potency and reduce damage taken. Additional Class Skills can be taken to increase your Voltage accumulation rate. If there is too long of a pause between your attacks, your Voltage Gauge will be reset.

Luster Counter – If you successfully dodge with Sidestep or a Weapon Action, you’ll unleash a powerful Sidestep Strike.

Luster Sidestep Guard – While locked on, Sidestep either forward or backward in time with the enemy’s attack to activate a Perfect Guard and unleash a counterattack in the direction you inputted.

Bonus Attack – Perform four Normal Attacks in a row (does not include Sidestep Strikes) to unleash a powerful attack in accordance with your current PP or Focus Gauge level.


The battle lines have been drawn, and the Armada of Annihilation continues to gather its forces around the Mothership. The time to strike is now, before any more Luminmech can be created. Sacrifices may be required as it’s going to take an all-out, coordinated attack by ARKS to annihilate Shiva – and the fate of the universe depends on the outcome.


Persona the Masked yet persists, and we’ve picked up his signal coming from an area of altered space. As his resentment of ARKS is not expected to have abated, be cautious as you approach the entity. It is expected that in his current form your assignment will be ULTRA HARD to complete.

The following Urgent Quests will now be available in Ultra-Hard Difficulty!

  • The Malevolent Void
  • The Call of the Void

Featured Rewards from The Malevolent Void

Weapon Series

Weapon Potential

Anacates Series

  • Cerulean Tide Lv.3 – Increases potency by 10%. Recovers HP and PP when sheathing sword based on damage dealt with sword drawn.

Ophistia Series

  • Dark Phantom Lv. 3 - Potency increases based on the Photon Blast Gauge. A different effect is produced for different beasts when a Photon Blast is activated.
  • Shield of the Dark Saint Lv. 3 – Potency increases 9%. Creates a barrier that reduces damage taken at set intervals.
  • Shield of Dark Temptation Lv. 3 Potency increases 9%. Creates a barrier that negates knockback at set intervals.


Featured Augments


Augment Description

Persona Reverie

Melee +40, Ranged +40, Technique +40, MEL Def -20, RNG Def -20, TEC Def -20

Luther Reverie

Melee +20, Ranged +20, Technique +40, HP -20

Soul of Darkness

All +15, HP +15, PP +2

Elder Reverie

Melee +40, Ranged +20, Technique +20, PP -2

Appregina Reverie

Melee +20, Ranged +40, Technique +20, HP -10, PP -1

S6: Tenacious Healscourge

Grants super armor for 60s after being inflicted with a status ailment.

S7: Still Grace

When stationary for 1 second, begins restoring 4 PP per second.

S8: Skydance Support

When airborne for 2 seconds, activates Shifta and Deband every 10 seconds.

Featured Misc. Items

Void Erebite Fragments | Rare Material

*Void Erebite Fragments are used to obtain and upgrade Profound Xion Series Weapons to 14★ weapons.


Featured Rewards from The Call of the Void 

In addition to the rewards of The Malevolent Void (UH), the following items will drop more frequently:

  • EX-Cubes
  • Class EX-Cubes
  • Weapon Transmutation Aux Pass
  • Void Erebite Fragments


Feeling extreme? Pick up your EXTREME PASS from Officer Prin and tackle one of the new Extreme QuestsEXTREME TRAINING: RISK REALM and ELITE TRAINING: RISK REALM! If you’d like to brush up on details about this quest type, check out this page!

Extreme Training: Risk Realm

If you feel you’re ready for the next step up in your ARKS combat training, try tackling Extreme Training: Risk Realm with 3 other operatives. Naturally, you’ll need to be Level 90 or higher on your chosen Class, and one Extreme Pass is required upon approaching the Telepool on your Gateway Ship. You’ll have one hour to test your skills, vitals, and cooperative ability in this simulated training. As this Simulation is designed to test your personal skills, Dark Blast forms, Scape Dolls, or Half Scape Dolls are not permitted. If you exceed the time limit or all your party members are incapacitated, you will fail this quest. Additional Stage Orders will be issued for each of the 5 stages, and should you complete these challenges the difficulty of your next stage and the quantity of rewards you receive at the end will be increased. Though these rewards have been seen elsewhere, the Augments they may bear are more powerful, so be sure to check out these Extreme Quests!

Featured Rewards from Extreme Training: Risk Realm 


Weapon Potential

Pride of Byakko | 15★ Twin Daggers

  • Byakko’s Decree Lv.3 – Reduces potency of Normal Attacks. Deals an extra attack to the target when attacking. The potency of both attacks increase when PP is reduced.

Featured Augments


Augment Description

Astral Soul

All +35, HP +35, PP +5

Grand Casting

Technique +60, HP +20, PP +1

EX Alles Soul

MEL +20, RNG +20, TEC +20, MEL Def +20, RNG Def +20, TEC Def +20, HP +50, PP +2

EX Magi Soul

Technique +30 MEL Def +20 RNG Def +20 TEC Def +20 HP +20 PP +2

Ligand Alma

Melee +40, HP +30, PP +3

Ligand Tyro

Ranged +40, HP +30, PP +3

Ligand Magia

Technique +40, HP +30, PP +3

S1: Technique Amp

Augment-added Technique potency increases 1% every 60s and increases another 2% at 200+.

S4: Lustrous Trap

Tactical Trap PP recovery increases 20%.

S6: Heroic Howl

Strengthens Heroic Boost, increasing speed of potency boost. Heroic Anthem’s effect takes priority and does not stack.

S7: Empathic Communion

Grants auto support for Pet Sympathy requests while Alter Ego is in effect. Sinister Stare takes priority and does not stack.

S8: Resolute Flight

Fall speed slows when charging a Technique in mid-air.

S8: Mighty Medication

Grants temporary invulnerability after using a -mate item on yourself.

*This quest also awards Photon Boosters and Gold Prize Medals!

Elite Training: Risk Realm

If you often find yourself blazing the trail as a lone wolf, make sure your skills are up to par by signing up for Elite Training: Risk Realm. As with Extreme Training: Risk Realm, you’ll need to be proficient in your chosen Class (Level 90 or more) and payment in the form of one Extreme Pass is required on the Gateway Ship. As ARKS HQ is truly looking to test your abilities and critical thinking, Dark Blast Forms, Scape Dolls and Half Scape Dolls are not permitted. Should you become incapacitated, you will fail this quest. Your Operator will also provide you with Stage Orders for each of the 5 stages in this Extreme Quest – and success or failure ultimately lies in your own hands.

 Featured Rewards from Elite Training: Risk Realm 

Rewards are identical to those available for Extreme Training: Risk Realm.


*Don’t forget to check with Title Keeper Lachesis to see if you’ve received any Title Rewards after completing these Quests! There may be RISING WEAPONS BADGE 5 or STAR GEMS in your future! For more information about Title Rewards, check out this page.



Need some special Augments? Check out the Badge & Memory Exchange Shop in the Shopping Plaza, where you can now obtain the below Augments in exchange for Rising Weapons Badge 5!


Augment Description

Add S1: Lucentcharge Resolve 2

Increases damage dealt by 5% when PP is over 40%.

Add S2: Sky-Earth Lucency 2

PP consumption decreases by 15% when in midair. Upon landing, natural PP recovery increases 25% and PP recovery when attacking increases by 35%.

Add S2: Photon Descent 3

PP consumption is reduced by 15%.

Add S4: Escalating Pursuit

When you hit with a PA or Technique, the damage done within a 4s window determines the amount of follow-up damage added to the next PA or Technique.

Add S4: Lustrous Amplify

Increases PP recovery amount by 60% when attacking enemies afflicted by a status ailment, Jellen, or Blight Rounds.

Add S5: Augment Bloom

Doubles the changing of Augment status.

Add S5: Steadfast Expanse

Adds AoE attack and grants Stun on occasion to Normal Attacks. Increases potency by 2%. Assault Rifles only.

Add S7: Dharma Boon

Recovers 5% of HP and 10 PP upon successful Technique Charge Parry.


See you in an Extreme Quest, Arks!



- The PSO2 Team


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