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New Urgent Quest: Crimson Fellwyrm Over the Castle

Let sleeping dogs lie, they say. Unless they are neither sleeping, nor dogs. The Crimson Fellwyrm fits these criteria, and will be active beginning October 7th! Check out this article for more details!

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Some creatures just don’t know when to quit, and unfortunately, the Crimson Fellwyrm is one of them. Someone has purposefully revived it, and their intentions seem less than benevolent. Even worse, the CRIMSON FELLWYRM spotted OVER THE CASTLE seems to be more powerful than legend foretold, as though the force used to revive it was also applied to its already considerable might. It will probably take more than the Sword Maiden and the Laconium Sword to slay the beast, so all operatives are to report immediately to the Quest Counter if the alarm is sounded.


An ARKS Operative is never quite off duty, as there always exists the potential for unplanned attacks from their tenacious enemies. In these instances, operatives must be reactive to changing conditions and enemies, as periodically the opposing forces will switch tactics and unleash new experiences–or new content–upon Fleet Oracle. These attacks are known throughout the Ships as URGENT QUESTS, and it is your active duty to respond. Should you need it, more generic information on Urgent Quests can be found here. Fortify yourself for combat, and then head to the Quest Counter, where clerks are standing by.



Duration (time allowed to complete quest): 60 minutes

The greatest fear of the inhabitants of Cuento has been realized, as reports confirm that the legendary Crimson Fellwyrm has risen again and escaped imprisonment from the Cuento Castle Ruins on Omega. Alis the Sword Maiden has lent usage of the Laconium Sword to ARKS for this battle, and using it will grant operatives special abilities. The power of the Laconium Sword is best used on vulnerable areas of the beast, which will luminesce. With the combined might of ARKS and the Sword Maiden Alis, the Laconium Sword shall once more serve the purpose for which it was created – to end this winged blight.


This quest may reward you with Val series weapons, which are compatible with S GRADE AUGMENTS such as S1, S2, and S3.  Weapons that can accept S Grade Augments will have a certain number of slots available in which you can socket specific grade augments; and these can be stacked such that they contribute to greater effects. For instance, consider the following S Grade Augments:


  • S1: Petalgleam – Increases potency by 3& for 30 seconds every time you deal 450,000 damage.
  • S2: Descent of the Petalsea 2 – When Petalgleam, Seagleam, or Snowgleam are active, PP consumption is decreased by 14%.
  • S3: Petalsea Lucentrush 2 – When Petalgleam, Seagleam, or Snowgleam are active, increases PP recovery by 25%.


If a weapon had an S1, S2, and S3 slot available, all three of the above could be affixed such that any time S1: Petalgleam activated, the effects of the other two S Grade Augments would activate. The combined effect after triggering Petalgleam would then be:


  • Increased potency by 3% for 30 seconds
  • PP consumption decreased by 14%
  • PP recovery increased by 25%


As you can see, having these effects active at the same time could be quite impactful to your playstyle.




After using CHRONOS ETERNISTONE, which are also dropped in this quest, operatives can upgrade their +35 ★13 Val series weapon to a +35 ★14 Atlas series weapon, and a few are shown below.


*These ★14 Atlas series weapons are used in the creation of soon-to-be released ★15 weapons, so don’t pass up this opportunity to grab one!


Duration (time allowed to complete quest): 30 minutes, 4 player limit.

Conditions for receipt: Must possess a Super Hard Difficulty Permit and be level 80 on both Main and Sub Class.

An empowered form of Fellwyrm, the Black Fellwyrm, has been spotted arising from Cuento Castle Ruins on Omega. The potential for the loss of civilian lives and property due to this monster is high, and our senior-ranking operatives are needed to aid Alis the Sword Maiden in the use of the Laconium Sword to put down this unnatural beast. Collect those upon whom you can rely, and make your way to the Gateway Ship.



Here are a few items you may find!


The life of an ARKS Operative is variable, as the type, location, transport, planet, and other factors they face in their patrols may change from day to day and week to week. Prepare for challenging new content to roll out on a regular basis, as Urgent Quests are ever-changing! See you on the Gateway Ship, operative!



 - The PSO2 Team


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