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Changes Coming to PSO2 with the release of PSO2:NGS

Change is good, especially when it heralds the launch of PSO2 NEW GENESIS! Check out this article to learn what will be changing in PSO2 when PSO2:NGS launches!

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Thank you for playing Phantasy Star Online 2! Phantasy Star Online 2 NEW GENESIS (also known as PSO2:NGS) will launch in June of 2021. Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, some PSO2 features and campaigns will be changed or removed. Please view this article for a list of the changes to come.


If you want to view a related announcement, please see the link below.





The end of PSO2 Log-in Bonuses


  • PSO2 Log-in Bonuses will stop upon the launch of PSO2:NGS.
  • New Log-in Bonuses will be available in PSO2:NGS.
  • The following items can be received from PSO2:NGS Log-in Bonuses:
  1. Salon Free Pass
  2. Star Gems
  3. Color-Change Pass (In PSO2:NGS, this will be known as an N-Color-Change Pass.)
  • New, first-time Platform Log-in Bonuses will be available as follows:
  1. Xbox One
  • * Flowen’s Sword | Sword Weapon Camo (x1)
  • * F Shooter / Licht | Assault Rifle Weapon Camo (x1)
  • * Squeaky Hammer / Nacht | Rod Weapon Camo (x1)
  • N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5)
  1. Win 10 MS Store
  • * Nei Claw / Nacht | Wired Lance Weapon Camo (x1)
  • * L&K Combat / Licht | Twin Machine Guns Weapon Camo (x1)
  • * Windmill / Nacht | Wand Weapon Camo (x1)
  • N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5)
  1. Steam 
  • 720: Headcrab | Emote (x1)
  • N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5)
  1. Epic Games Store 
  • * Skullstrum | Weapon Camo (Sword, Twin Daggers, Wand, Katana, Soaring Blades) (x1)
  • * Cazarodoh | Weapon Camo (Partisan, Rod, Wand) (x1)
  • * Black Bulls | Assault Rifle Weapon Camo (x1)
  • N-Half Scape Doll | Consumable (x5)


Items available from PSO2 ARKS Missions


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the rewards for completion of ARKS Missions will change and the amounts of the following items will be increased:
  1. Triboost +100%
  2. Enhancement Success Rate +50%
  3. Augmentation Aid +30%
  4. Lambda Grinder


Items received from PSO2 Special Presents


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the chances of receiving the following items as Special Presents after completing Recommended Quests in PSO2 will be increased:
  1. Tokyo Bonus Key: Silver
  2. Tokyo Bonus Key: Gold
  3. Rappy Fever Bonus Key
  • The following changes will also be applied to PSO2 Special Presents:
  1. Magatsu Bonus Key: Silver and Magatsu Bonus Key: Gold will no longer be distributed.


End of Fresh Finds Shop, Introduction of Treasure Shop


  • The “Fresh Finds Shop” will be closed.
  • As a replacement, the “Treasure Shop” will be added.
  • The Treasure Shop can be viewed by speaking with NPC Sirona, located to the right of the Space Gate in the Gate Area.

PSO2 Day


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the following changes will be applied to PSO2 Day:
  1. FUN Earned +100%
  2. EXP Earned +200% (EXP Earned +100% will be changed to EXP Earned +200%. )
  3. Rare Drop Rate +200% (Rare Drop Rate +100% will be changed to Rare Drop Rate +200%. )
  4. Gathering Fever Occurrence Rate +100%
  5. Appearance of the Rare Enemy “ARKS Rappy”
  6. Item Enhancement Aid +10% (newly added)
  7. Augmentation Success Rate +15% (newly added)
  8. Enhancement EXP +15% when enhancing weapons (newly added)
  9. PSO2 Day: Premium User Appreciation Day Rewards will be discontinued.
  10. The Log-in Stamp +1 Bonus will be removed.
  11. Tokyo Bonus Key: Gold will no longer be distributed. 
  • SG 22 Ticket (x2) will be distributed as a present for PSO2 Day events in PSO2:NGS
  • We plan to hold events on PSO2 Day in PSO2:NGS. Details about PSO2:NGS Events will be announced at a later date.



PSO2 Event Lobbies and Limited-time Enemies


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the following PSO2 Event Lobbies and Limited-time enemies will be released according to the table below:




Event Lobby

Limited-time Enemy or Enemies


New Year’s Lobby

Drago Rappy, Happy Nyau Year


Valentine’s Lobby

Love Rappy, Love Emperappy


White Day Lobby

Lovey Rappy, Lovey Emperappy


Cherry Blossom Lobby

Egg Rappy, Cherry Blossom Nyau




June (first half)

Wedding Lobby

Frog Rappy

June (second half)

Sonic Lobby

Sonic Nyau


Tanabata Lobby



Summer Lobby

Summer Rappy, Summer Nyau


Moon-gazing Lobby

Luna Nyau


Halloween Lobby

Lantern Rappy, Lantern Emperappy


ARKS Ceremonial Lobby



Christmas Lobby

Santa Rappy, Santa Umbra



  • Event Lobbies and Limited-time Enemies will be changed on the first of every month.
  • In regards to June, the first half of June is considered to be from June 1st to June 15th and the second half is considered to be from June 16th to June 30th.



PSO2 Scheduled Urgent Quests


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, there will be no more scheduled Urgent Quests in PSO2.
  • Urgent Quests will then only occur spontaneously.
  1. The Urgent Quest “Twisted with Hatred” which is currently only available as a scheduled Urgent Quest will be changed so as to occur spontaneously. 
  • There will not be advanced notice provided for PSO2:NGS Urgent Quests, outside of special occasions (such as events).



Features for Returning Players


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the following features for Returning Players will no longer be available:
  1. Basic Survey
  2. Receipt of Rarity 12 Units, Stella Wall Set
  3. Returning Player Bonus: 
  • Triboost +50%
  • The effect that gives players one extra item after opening Special Presents from Recommended Quests. 
  1. Display of the Returning Player Icon.



The Friend Referral System


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the Friend Referral System will no longer be available.
  • Players will no longer be able to obtain any new ARKS Badge: Blue or ARKS Badge: White.
  • Players in possession of ARKS Badge: Blue or ARKS Badge: White will still be able to exchange them for items from the Badge Exchange Shop.


Gender Settings


  • Upon the launch of PSO2:NGS, the names of the following settings will be changed in PSO2 to be consistent with PSO2:NGS:


PSO2 Display

Updated PSO2 Display


Motion Base Type


Type 1


Type 2


  • The Motion Base Type can be changed by selecting “Change Motion Base Type” when visiting the Salon.



About specification change of FUN acquisition


As announced in “about information of shared data between PSO2:NGS and PSO2”, FUN that you have in PSO2 will not be able to be shared in PSO2:NGS.

Therefore, since FUN does not exist in PSO2:NGS, we are going to make some changes to the specifications to obtain FUN in PSO2.

Specification change for FUN acquisition


Upon PSO2:NGS launch, FUN acquisition when using AC will be ended.

*You are still able to use your FUN in PSO2, even after PSO2:NGS launch. There will be no changes to other elements in FUN acquisition in PSO2.



Please continue to enjoy your adventures in Phantasy Star Online 2!


- The PSO2 Team


  • Regarding a defect with the PSO2:NGS game Launcher

    Attention ARKS! We are currently updating the game launcher.




  • About specifications of the effect duration of the boost items in PSO2:NGS

    The remaining effect time of Boost items in PSO2:NGS will reduce from the time it’s used as intended function.




  • About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

    We would like to inform you about the play status and some of the survey results from the Closed Beta Test.