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Road to Episode 5: Limited-Time Quest Boosts and Bonuses!

Train for Episode 5 like you mean it, Arks, and do it in Breakthrough Training: Ep 1 – 4 for additional rewards through boosted rates and completion bonuses! See this article for more details!

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Your accomplishments are commendable, and the accolades you’ve received thus far have been warm and numerous. Episode 5 shouldn’t be that tough–or so you think. These are dangerous thoughts to be having Arks, as they’re the thoughts of operatives who find themselves unprepared when faced with the reality of a situation. 


To push the limits of our ARKS Operatives, we’ve created a LIMITED-TIME QUEST in a VR environment where you’ll be faced with the most difficult enemies you’ve encountered in previous battles. BREAKTHROUGH TRAINING: EP 1 – 4, is to be done in under 20 minutes, and whatever spoils you may find are to be used in preparation for future engagements. Limited-Time Quests are available for a set period of time and–unlike Urgent Quests–operatives are able to take them on whenever they choose. This Limited-Time Quest will be available from September 16th to September 29th, and ARKS HQ will reward those who undergo this training multiple times within this period.


Finally, the dials of this VR engagement have been tuned such that from September 23rd to September 29th, the Rare Item Drop Rate will be +100%, and the EXP Earned will be +100%. The items you’ll receive will be glorious and hopefully upgrades.



ARKS HQ wants to ensure that operatives are adequately prepared to face the unknown content in Episode 5, so they’ll be providing some added incentive to get those upgrades! To complete this Limited-Time Quest, simply do your best until the clock runs out! It isn’t necessary to dispatch all of the enemies and bosses–though additional enemies slain will result in more item drops, which could be rare and possibly an upgrade for you!


Beginning: 9/16 (end of maintenance)

Ending: 9/29 (beginning of maintenance)

Reward Distribution: upon meeting requirements, via Visiphone




Complete Special Breakthrough Training: EP 1 to 4, 5 times between the end of maintenance on 9/16 and the beginning of maintenance on 9/29

SG 30 Ticket (x1)

Complete Special Breakthrough Training: EP 1 to 4, 10 times between the end of maintenance on 9/16 and the beginning of maintenance on 9/29

SG 50 Ticket (x1)

Complete Special Breakthrough Training: EP 1 to 4, 15 times between the end of maintenance on 9/16 and the beginning of maintenance on 9/29

232: Glamour Pose 2 (x1)


232: Glamour Pose 2


*Requirements must be met between the end of maintenance on 9/16 and the beginning of maintenance on 9/29.

**Rewards are distributed after meeting the above requirements and they will be sent to the “Receive Campaign Items” of your Visiphone. 

*** Campaign rewards need to be claimed before a set deadline, visit your Visiphone in-game for more information about specific rewards.  

****There is no required difficulty level or Quest Clear Rank for the above campaign, and operatives are not required to dispatch all Bosses. Quest is considered “Complete” when the time has run out.




In what could be considered to be the culmination of your training thus far, Arks, you’ll be required to dispatch previously-defeated bosses from earlier battles as a party of 4 in a controlled, VR environment. However, this does not mean there are not significant risks to your person, as ARKS HQ wants to make sure you are truly prepared for the challenges to come. This is your time to demonstrate the considerable skills and abilities you’ve cultivated thus far as an ARKS Operative–in under 20 minutes. But we’re not just looking for you to push your limits, Arks, we’re expecting you to break through them.




Ending:  (beginning of maintenance)


Boosts Applied

  • EXP Earned +100%
  • Rare Drop Rate +100%


During your training in this Limited-Time Quest you may be lucky enough to find one (or all) of these!

It’s been a challenging and rewarding ride so far, operative, and we’re just getting started! Take this time to prepare yourself for Episode 5 by diligently training, enhancing gear, and cementing bonds with your fellow operatives; as next month you’ll be faced with a new threat! See you in the Lobby, operatives!


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- The PSO2 Team


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