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2020 Content Roadmap

Eight years’ worth of content is coming to Phantasy Star Online 2 in North America. Read more to learn about what’s in store for 2020.

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Greetings, Arks! Now that Phantasy Star Online 2 finally launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 in North America you are probably wondering what’s next for the game in 2020. We know that a great number of players have waited a long time to be able to play PSO2 and we cannot wait to share the road ahead with you.

Get ready, operatives. Phantasy Star Online 2's Episode 4, the first major content update release in North America, arrives August 2020. Play it on Xbox One and Windows 10, with more PC platforms coming soon. We are also working hard to introduce this legendary online action RPG to a global audience this year. We will have more information about the regions where the game will become available in the near future.


During our E3 2019 announcement, one of the lines read “All the Content”, and we know many of you must be wondering what it means for the launch of PSO2 in North America. Well, we intend to keep this promise while also making sure series veterans and newcomers alike get to experience the story unfolding with each new episode release as it was originally intended.


Get ready for a never-ending adventure, operative! Phantasy Star Online 2 already comes packed with a ton of content at launch. In addition to over three years’ worth of updates from the start, the launch version includes the most up-to-date balancing and quality-of-life improvements from the Japanese service. Read below to learn more about the content already available in the game:

Available now on Windows 10 and Xbox One!

  • Story Content: Episodes 1-3
  • Four Races, Nine Classes
  • Five Planets, Fourteen Explorable Locations
  • Additional Mission Types: Advanced, Extreme, and Timed-Attack Quests
  • Every Casino Mini-Game
  • All-New Live Stage Events
  • Xbox One Achievements
  • Alliance Quarters
  • Level Cap: 75


Time is of the essence, Arks, and 2020 will be a busy year in Oracle. Every few months will introduce a new Episode to the Phantasy Star Online 2 experience. PSO2 Episodes are dense content updates, introducing a brand new story, in addition to new locations, missions, events, concerts, classes, and much more!

While players now have access to a massive amount of content from Episodes 1-3 at launch, the releases of Episodes 4, 5, and 6 will not be far behind. Read below for a simple breakdown of some of the highlights for each episodic release:


Releases August 2020!

  • New Story Content
  • New Urgent Quests
  • Battle Arena
  • Ridroid Quest
  • Crafting
  • Level Cap: 80


  • New Story Content
  • New Urgent Quests
  • New Scion Class: Hero
  • Dark Blast
  • Level Cap: 90


  • New Story Content
  • New Urgent Quests
  • New Scion Class: Phantom
  • New Difficulty Mode: Ultra Hard
  • Level Cap: 95

In these uncertain times, the release schedule is subject to change, but our goal is to reach parity with the Japanese servers eventually, with simultaneous releases moving forward to ensure that both services deliver the best experience possible to our players.

That’s it for our 2020 Content Roadmap, Arks! This is just part of what’s in store for this year, and we will explain everything that is coming in detail with each new episode release. We would like to thank you all for your support and for joining us in this never-ending quest in the world of Phantasy Star Online 2 North America! See you in the game!


- The PSO2 Team


  • Regarding a defect with the PSO2:NGS game Launcher

    Attention ARKS! We are currently updating the game launcher.




  • About specifications of the effect duration of the boost items in PSO2:NGS

    The remaining effect time of Boost items in PSO2:NGS will reduce from the time it’s used as intended function.




  • About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

    We would like to inform you about the play status and some of the survey results from the Closed Beta Test.