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Trick or Treat Scare-wear!

If you’re going to Trick or Treat, make sure you dress for the occasion (and the boost)! Check out this article to learn what you should wear to get your PSE Outfit Bonus Effect!

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Xia’s costume party is getting off to a rather unconventional beginning, given that Falspawn and Automata have completely overrun her venue. Naturally, she’ll need some help clearing out the interlopers, but don’t feel like you need to change out of your Halloween party gear before taking on the Urgent Quest TRICK OR TREATin fact, some pieces of layering wear or certain outfits may enhance your experience – in addition to being thematically appropriate, that is.

Wearing one or more of the layering wear pieces or an outfit from below will give you a PSE OUTFIT BONUS EFFECT, which was mentioned in this Halloween Event article. This boost will net operatives increased EXP gain as well as an increased rare item drop rate for the duration of their current instance of Trick or Treat! Hopefully, this makes your Halloween costume choice just a little bit easier!



Make sure you’re appropriately dressed to take advantage of this boost! Check to see if you own any of these items, and then pay a visit to the Salon (or the Fashion Sub-menu) to get dressed before signing up for Trick or Treat!


Unisex Outfits

Rappy Suits

Rappy Suit: Lantern

Rappy Suit: Knight

Rappy Suit Mini

Rappy Suit Mini: ARKS

Skeleton Form

Rappy Suit Mini: Orange


Outfits (Male)

Count's Vestment


Layering Wear (Male)

Froid Gallows M [Ou]

The Mad Tailor [Ou]

Restrained Requiem [Ou]

Hermedio Cloak M [Ou]

Tylor Replica M [Ou]

Schreger Armor [Ou]

L'eau D'Fungus [Ou]

Froid Gallows M [Ba]

Froid Gallows M: Snow [Ba]

Froid Gallows M: Ruby [Ba]

Froid Gallows M: Night [Ba]

Froid Gallows M: Grace [Ba]

The Mad Tailor [Ba]

The Mad Tailor: Sea [Ba]

The Mad Tailor: Snow [Ba]

The Mad Tailor: Shadow [Ba]

Restrained Requiem [Ba]

Restrained Requiem: Shadow [Ba]

Restrained Requiem: Night [Ba]

Restrained Requiem: Grace [Ba]

Restrained Requiem: Ruby [Ba]

L'eau D'Fungus [Ba]

L'eau D'Fungus: Shadow [Ba]

L'eau D'Fungus: Ruby [Ba]

L'eau D'Fungus: Steel [Ba]

L'eau D'Fungus: Hazel [Ba]


Outfits (Female)

Wondrous Treat

Lorette Beldia

Lorette Beldia: Shadow

Lorette Beldia: Enigma

Lorette Beldia: Winter


Layering Wear (Female)

 Froid Gallows F [Ou]

Merlett Carina [Ou]

Libre Girl [Ou]

Prowler Ensemble [Ou]

Nocturnal Mists [Ou]

Hermedio Cloak F [Ou]

Tylor Replica F [Ou]

Frolicking Popsy [Ou]

Stella Ardor [Ou]

L'eau D'Clope [Ou]

Froid Gallows F [ Ba]

Froid Gallows F: Snow [Ba]

Froid Gallows F: Ruby [Ba]

Froid Gallows F: Night [Ba]

Froid Gallows F: Grace [Ba]

Merlett Carina [Ba]

Merlett Carina: Sea [Ba]

Merlett Carina: Ruby [Ba]

Merlett Carina: Snow [Ba]

Merlett Carina: Shadow [Ba]

Libre Girl [Ba]

Libre Girl: Sky [Ba]

Libre Girl: Sakura [Ba]

Libre Girl: Sage [Ba]

Prowler Ensemble [Ba]

Prowler Ensemble: Snow [Ba]

Prowler Ensemble: Steel [Ba]

Prowler Ensemble: Grace [Ba]

Prowler Ensemble: Moon [Ba]

Nocturnal Mists [Ba]

Nocturnal Mists: Snow [Ba]

Nocturnal Mists: Shadow [Ba]

Nocturnal Mists: Ruby [Ba]

Duskwake Regalia [Ba]

Duskwake Regalia: Snow [Ba]

Duskwake Regalia: Night [Ba]

Duskwake Regalia: Shadow [Ba]

Duskwake Regalia: Sea [Ba]

Duskwake Regalia: Ruby [Ba]

Frolicking Popsy [Ba]

Frolicking Popsy: Ruby [Ba]

Frolicking Popsy: Sakura [Ba]

Frolicking Popsy: Shadow [Ba]

Stellar Ardor [Ba]

Stellar Ardor: Grace [Ba]

Stellar Ardor: Shadow [Ba]

Stellar Ardor: Night [Ba]

L'eau D'Clope [Ba]

L'eau D'Clope: Night [Ba]

L'eau D'Clope: Shadow [Ba]

L'eau D'Clope: Hazel [Ba]

L 'eau D'Clope: Snow [Ba]



We hope this helps provide some clarification Arks. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a chance for your next upgrade! See you in the Bewitched Woods, Arks!



- The PSO2 Team


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