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Ship Transfer Available Beginning July 8th!

Want to join your friends on another Ship? If so, then we have great news, because starting on July 8th you can! Read this article to learn more about this new option!

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If you’d like to experience the life of an operative aboard another Ship in Fleet Oracle and don’t want to start over, then all you need is some ARKS CASH (AC) and to wait for the end of maintenance on July 8th; as that is when ARKS HQ will begin considering applications for SHIP TRANSFER! So make sure to save up some AC and get your application in early! For more information on AC and how you can get this currency, please see this page. 


Ship Transfer available: 7/08 (end of maintenance)

Ship Transfer cost: 700 AC


Only data that is related to your selected character will be transferred. This includes things like your Play Time, your Meseta, your Weapon Palette settings, your Pets, etc. For more information regarding data that is transferrable, as well as more specific information regarding the overall process, please see this page.




There are, however, some criteria you should ensure your character meets before submitting an application for transfer. The transfer conditions are listed below, and all of these must be met in order to be eligible for Ship Transfer:

  • You must have the necessary amount of AC in your account by the scheduled maintenance following the submission of your Ship Transfer Application.
  • The character you seek to transfer must not be banned or have restricted use of the game for any reason.
  • If you are the Captain of an Alliance, you must have at least one character on your account who is staying aboard the Ship you are transferring from.
  • The character you seek to transfer must not be the group leader of a Group Chat.

*If you do not have sufficient AC once the scheduled maintenance begins, the Ship Transfer will not occur, even if you immediately purchase AC.



If you miss the crew on your original Ship, it is possible to return, however this will require another submission of an Application for Ship Transfer and payment of AC. Your accomplishments on your original Ship–such as completed Client Orders, completed ARKS Missions, etc.–are saved, so you can pick up right where you left off.




First, you need to launch Phantasy Star Online 2 and log into your current Ship.

  • On the Character Selection Screen, select the character you wish to transfer and choose [Application for Ship Transfer during Scheduled Maintenance] under [Procedures].
  • Pick the Ship you’d like to transfer to out of the options available on the displayed list. Your current Ship will be shown in gray.
  • Select [Yes] to submit your application for Ship Transfer.
  • Completing an application for Ship Transfer will initiate the process, while the actual transfer will be carried out during a scheduled maintenance period. The required AC will be consumed upon completion of the Ship Transfer.

One thing to note is that Ship Transfers will be carried out according to the order in which applications are received. Each scheduled maintenance period will have a set number of Ship Transfers that are allowed. If the number of applications exceeds this limit, the overflow applications will be carried out during the next scheduled maintenance period.



If you change your mind prior to a scheduled maintenance, your [Application for Ship Transfer During Scheduled Maintenance] can be cancelled via the [Procedures] option. This is allowable as long as it is before the scheduled maintenance begins.


That’s it operatives! Sally forth and enjoy being able to form expeditions and join alliances with friends who were previously out of touch. Above all, ARKS HQ wants to make sure that operatives can engage in battle with those they trust and enjoy spending time with. Naturally, this makes for more cohesive units, in addition to contributing to the overall good humor of our brave Arks. Applications for Ship Transfer will be considered by ARKS HQ when the scheduled maintenance concludes on July 8th, so make sure to get your application in as early as possible so as to avoid hitting the Ship Transfer limit! See you in the Gateway Ship, Arks!



 - The PSO2 Team


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