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An Operative’s Guide to the Union Weapon Exchange Shop

Zig may look like he hasn’t been that busy, but you’d be surprised what he’s been working on! See this article for more details on his new wares!

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More. Power. It doesn’t matter what kind (though it’s most helpful if it’s MEL, RNG, or TEC), but you want it. You probably also want a new weapon with more flair to complement some of the fashion pieces you’ve collected. Well, Zig has been listening, and has added a new line of weapons to the UNION WEAPON EXCHANGE SHOP. On September 2nd, you’ll be able to peruse these wares for yourself, and determine what you need to do to take advantage of his generous exchange offer. It won’t be easy, but ARKS Operatives can surely handle it.




What kind of operative are you? Do you prefer Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, or Technique Weapons? Zig will offer you these choices when you begin browsing his wares, and each category will contain the weapons that match that attack type. Your chosen class and build says a lot about what type of weapons you should select, but for those who have many classes or builds, this is a bit more difficult to decide. When using items that are time-consuming to come by, it’s a good idea to carefully choose where you apply them; and this bit of advice should be applied to using your UNION BOOSTERS as well.




Though Zig is talented, he isn’t a magician, so he’ll need materials with which to work once you decide on your chosen weapon upgrade. These materials comprise a rather short list, but make it painful if there’s a chance you’ll have second thoughts about your chosen weapon.


In short, he'll need:

A Ray series weapon of the type you’d like to receive in its upgraded form

and 5 Union Boosters


If the Ray series weapon you mean to give him as fodder happens to have been your main weapon, well, you won’t be getting it back. In exchange, however, you’ll receive a weapon of the UNION SERIES, a few of which are below.

But perhaps leave the tough decision for later, and start gathering those Union Boosters (and by gather we don’t mean through harvesting or fishing.) You’ll receive a Union Booster each time you complete the solo Urgent Quest, Barren Blossom, Butcher of Light. Before you get too excited, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, since this a solo version of the Urgent Quest Barren Blossom, Corruptor of All. There will be no one to help you (outside of a Scape or Half-Scape Doll, if you have one), should you become incapacitated, so make sure you’re appropriately geared before attempting to take on Dark Falz Gemini and the Profound Darkness on your own.




The Augments, Enhancement Level, Enhancement Cap, Timed Abilities, Elements and Element Levels, Photon Color, and Owner Binding from your Ray series weapon will all transfer over to your new Union series weapon. ARKS doesn’t want the time spent by operatives creating their perfect weapon to have been spent in vain, so Zig has developed a method to ensure the safe transfer of these properties between old and new weapons.



At this point, you’re done…if you don’t want the upgraded form of the Ray series Units, that is. If you do, then you have more Profound Darkness-slaying to do. Each Union series Unit requires a Ray series Unit of the same type and 5 more Union Boosters. If you’re looking to collect the whole set–weapon, Arm Unit, Leg Unit, and Back Unit–you’re going to need 20 Union Boosters.


Though the Ray and Union series weapons and Units look similar to each other, there is a new feature to help you coordinate your look a little better. The Item Lab has developed a method to change the PHOTON COLOR of your weapon. So you can finally pick that accent color that matches the beading on your Outerwear perfectly! The process is offered free-of-charge for our brave ARKS Operatives.



Zig has a lot to offer operatives, so make sure to seek him out in the Shopping Plaza! See you in the Lobby, Arks!



- The PSO2 Team


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