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PSO2 New Genesis is about to launch!

PSO2 is reborn as PSO2 New Genesis and includes a major game system overhaul!

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Create your own protagonist with the ultimate Character Creation, and become a member of ARKS, a group that fights unknown enemies on the planet Halpha, where the story takes place. 

Exploring the open-world environment, you will meet other players and team up to defeat enemies and develop your character.

Enjoy fast-paced, easy-to-control combat!

You’re also able to transfer data from PSO2 without changing the character’s appearance, however you will start again from Level 1. All players will start PSO2:NGS from similar starting points.



Your protagonist, a Meteorn, lands in a pod on a small island in West Aelio of planet Halpha.


Aina, an ARKS apprentice, and Manon, another Meteorn, happen upon and aid the confused protagonist.


Garoa – Aina’s father and a hero of West Aelio – also joins them. These three characters guide and welcome the protagonist to Aelio Town, a place where cheerful and friendly Arks live.





The first ARKS apprentice of Aelio Town that the protagonist encounters after landing on Halpha in a pod. She is positive, cheerful, and energetic at all times.


A Meteorn who has no memory of the past. Possessed of a cool and cautious personality, she is full of curiosity and extremely fond of new and rare things.



Aina’s father, and a hero who protects West Aelio. He is one of the five most powerful Arks on the planet Halpha. He has a strong personality and acts like a dependable big brother to his friends.



The Central Leader of ARKS in the planet Halpha. A calm egalitarian, he believes that bringing peace to the lives of people on Halpha is his duty.



A warm-hearted ARKS instructor of Central City. As Crawford's right-hand man, he is responsible for the protection of the Aelio region and also focuses on training the younger generation.



One of Crawford's direct operators. Even though she is still green, she is loved for her straight-forward personality and diligence.


Liu Lin

One of Crawford's direct operators. She has a cool, calm, and collected personality.



One of Crawford's direct operators. She is caring and acts like a big sister and leader of the four.



One of Crawford's direct operators. She does things calmly and at her own pace.

Player-related Systems



The 6 Classes available at launch are Hunter, Ranger, Force, Fighter, Gunner, and Techter. Choose the Class that best suits your play-style and start your adventure!



Hunter is a Class that can handle 3 types of weapon: the Sword, Partisan, and Wired Lance. An excellent close-combat Class, they can use their defensive abilities to jump in front of the enemy and can quickly switch from defense to offense!


Ranger is a Class that can handle 2 types of weapon: the Rifle and Launcher. Keeping your distance from the enemy will give you an advantage in battle. With Class Skills that provide support , this Class allows you to attack without the need for rest!



Force is a Class that can handle 2 types of weapon: the Rod and Talis.
Specializing in the use of Techniques, they can always launch an attack by combining their abundant PP recovery methods!



Fighter is a Class that can use 3 types of weapon: Twin Daggers, the Double Saber, and Knuckles. An agile, close-combat Class that uses lightweight weapons, they can fight without delay by taking advantage of a wide variety of attacks !



Gunner is a Class that can use 2 types of weapons: Twin Machine Guns and the Assault Rifle. This Class is able to dodge enemy attacks with style while performing spectacular counterattacks!



Techter is a Class that can handle 2 types of weapon: the Wand and Talis. In addition to close-combat with the Wand, they can use their Class Skills to support allies and gain the advantage in battle!



The 12 weapons available at launch are the Sword,Wired Lance,Partisan,, Assault Rifle,Launcher,Rod,Talis,Knuckles,Twin Daggers, Double Saber,Twin Machine Guns,and Wand. Use a range of actions for each weapon and defeat your enemies!



The Sword is an orthodox melee weapon that can be used in a wide range of battle situations. The Potency and capabilities of Photon Arts are changed by charging them. Depending on the fight, you can decide whether to charge a Photon Art or not and adjust your damage as needed!



The Partisan is a melee weapon that delivers a series of attacks with a wide range of moves. Moreover, you can unlock additional actions by learning Class Skills to add extra attacks to your maneuvers and whap the enemies!


Wired Lance

The Wired Lance is a tricky melee weapon that shows its value by adjusting attacks based on the distance between you and the enemy! With a wide range of attacks, this weapon is best for fighting multiple opponents! Learn the Class Skill Wired Anchor Advanced and fight without restraint!


Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is a long-range weapon that gives you an advantage in combat with distant enemies! You can launch an attack against large or even aerial enemies. Aim for an enemy's weak point and support your allies' attacks with the Class Skill Blight Rounds!



The Launcher is a long-range weapon with wide area coverage! Use the Weapon Action Sticky Bomb to recover PP and blast the enemy with a series of powerful Photon Arts!



The Rod is a long-range weapon specialized for using Techniques. Although bearers are not able to use Photon Arts, they can use a variety of skills related to Techniques  to gain the maximum advantage!



The Talis is a special long-range weapon that combines Photon Arts and Techniques to fight! You will be able to vary a Technique when the Talis is deployed with Photon Arts! Exploit its full potential by utilizing its versatility in combat! 



Knuckles are a melee weapon that is specialized for quick attacks! You can counterattack at any time by using the Weapon Action Sway. Adjust your attacks according to the situation and keep the battle action hot! 


Twin Daggers

Twin Daggers are a melee weapon that is specialized for mid-air close combat! You can use variety of actions to deal with enemies. By learning the Class Skill Acceleration Drive, you’re able to fight with high mobility!


Double Saber

The Double Saber is a weapon perfect for Area of Effect attacks with many moves! Use Photon Arts to create whirlwinds and improve your performance . Class Skills also allow you to consume whirlwinds for powerful attacks!


Twin Machine Guns

Twin Machine Guns are weapons that excel in close combat and maneuver well in mid-air. By using the Class Skill Chain Boost, you can improve your attacks and gain the chance to fire a furious series of shots!



The Wand is a special close-range weapon that can use both Photon Arts and Techniques. By using Photonic Fury when attacking, you gain an extra attack. Because Photonic Fury can change the Element, it becomes easier to target an enemy’s elemental weakness!



Photon Arts are special attacks that exist in 2 or 3 types for each weapon. Use them accordingly for a given situation and gain an advantage in battle!



Techniques have 3 Elements: Fire, Ice, and Lightning. You can down an enemy by attacking an enemy’s elemental weakness!



Class Skills enhance the attributes of your Class. This is an essential element of player enhancement, so be active and learn them !


(New Actions)

Photon Dash

Photon Dash is an action that allows you to move at high-speed! Initiate Photon Dash by pressing and holding the Sidestep button or key. During Photon Dash, your jumping power will increase, allowing you to jump to higher ground. This action is useful for moving around in the field and during exploration!


Photon Glide

Photon Glide allows you to move in the air! It can be initiated by pressing and holding the jump button or key; or jump again during two-stage jumping. During Photon Glide your fall speed will slow and this can be used in various situations, such as battling huge enemies or exploring the field in lofty areas!


Wall Kicking

Wall Kicking is an action that allows you to kick the wall and jump higher! Since you will be able to go to areas that you can't reach with normal jumping,  remember to use it to your advantage and take your exploration to the next level!


Photon Blast

Photon Blast is a special move that can be used by filling the Photon Blast Gauge! Your Photon Blast Gauge will fill through landing attacks and the passage of time. When maxed , you can consume the entire gauge and trigger Photon Blast. Each weapon has a unique and powerful Photon Blast!

(New System)

Changing Motions

By Changing Motions you can modify some character actions to look different! The target actions are Standby, Move, Jump, Landing, Dash, Glide, and Swim. You can create characters more in line with your imagination!






Aelio region

Aelio region is a region with abundant water and vegetation.  It has a variety of terrain including plains, mountains, wetlands, and caves. A new adventure awaits you !


(Combat Sectors)
Combat Sectors are areas where a lot of enemies appear. The E Markers will show you the location where enemies have appeared. These enemies are best tackled with a team. During battle, events called Trials may occur. If PSE Burst Mode occurs, it will increase the rate of appearance of rare enemies, so you may be able to obtain a large amount of EXP and items!

Mt. Magnus

Vanford Laboratory Ruins

Resol Forest

(Exploration Sectors)
Exploration Sectors are peaceful areas inhabited by various lifeforms. There are fewer enemies, making these areas a safe place to gather materials when alone or in a small group. Visit with caution, however, as on rare occasionsswarms of high-level enemies or even bosses may appear!

North Aelio

Central Aelio

West Aelio

South Aelio

Halphia Lake

【New Features】

Move Instantly Across the Field with the Teleport Functionality!

Explore the unknown fields and regions of the vast open world and fill in the world map. Use the teleport functionality in the Ryuker Devices and Cocoons you find to travel instantly! You can also use it to meet up with your friends!

【Map Gimmicks】


Cocoons are a type of training facility, called Trainia, that are scattered across Halpha. Each cocoon will have specific goals for the player to clear. By clearing these goals, you can earn Skill Points!


 Towers are larger and more difficult training facilities than Cocoons. You can receive more Skill Points by clearing them!

Region Mags

When exploring different areas, you may discover a Region Mag. Give them some items you’ve gathered and something good may happen!



You may encounter Dromes in the Vanford Laboratory Ruins. Though initially aggressive,  attacking and defeating it will help you grow stronger!



Retrieving Stella Packs

 Stella Packs are Trials in which Item Containers fall from space. The area around the impact site will be engulfed in smoke, and enemies will appear. Defeat all the enemies to claim your Stella Pack! 


 Intercept the DOLLS Control System

This is a Trial in which a DOLLS Control System and many DOLLS will appear. In addition to avoiding the dangerous attacks of the DOLLS, additional enemy fire will rain down from above.  Pay close attention to the attacks and you may discover a way to reach the DOLLS Control System! Avoid the barrage and destroy the DOLLS Control System!  

Assembly Point Clearance

Assembly Points are a Trial in which a swarm of enemies will appear. Clear out the enemies while navigating obstacles , such as attacks from out-of-reach enemies  or the appearance of units that heal enemies, called Tendals which heal enemies.

PSE Burst


Rare enemie




DOLLS are the enemies of the Arks residing on Halpha. There are a variety of different kinds of DOLLS, each with powerful attacks!



Small DOLLS characterized by their round form. They may be small, but they have a powerful kick!


Pettas Sword  •Pettas Gun  

These DOLLS are equipped with large weapons. They have a variety of attacks that are specific to their weapons.
Pettax Sword / Pettax Gun / Pettas Axe / Pettas Launcher / Pettax Axe / Pettax Launcher



These DOLLS are characterized by their large bodies and gelatinous stomachs. Their special attack involves  charging Arks and using their stomachs like clubs.


These DOLLS combine beastly agility with a lightning-fast attack . The hardest part is avoiding a series of blows from their powerful claws.



These flying DOLLS sail gracefully through the sky.  They specialize in surprise attacks that buffet Arks .



These are DOLLS armed with sword-like weapons. They’ll slice and dice Arks faster than you can blink an eye.



These DOLLS specialize in long-range attacks by firing each one of their 6 arms. Encounter one and you’ll find yourself facing attacks from all directions! 


Daityl Sword 

These giant DOLLS dwarf Arks who come across them . The blows they rain on the heads of Arks are incredibly powerful.



ALTERS is a general term for enemies with an eerie eyeball-like pattern on their heads. At night, they change shape and their attacks grow stronger!


These ALTERS are characterized by their large horns. They attack Arks with graceful and deadly lunges.

Bigg Frogga 

This type of ALTERS specializes in throwing its weight behind its attacks .  Attacks feature swift movements and powerful blows!

Eldi Scythe 

This ALTERS has two scythe-like arms. These arms have a wide reach , so caution is necessary in battle!


FORMERS is a general term for enemies with a beast-like appearance. They may appear tame at first, but don’t be fooled!


Crag Bear 

These FORMERS are heavily-muscled. In addition to strong arms, it also has powerful legs to jump and grab Arks in mid-air.


Ard Banser, Ard Banshee 

These beast-like FORMERS can toss Arks about with their swift movements.

Ard Banser are ferocious and attack continuously at close-range while interweaving powerful attacks, so stay on guard!

Ard Banshee are clever enemies that can attack from range They use a variety of attacks to assail their target!


Lifeforms that inhabit planet Halpha. Some TAMES will approach Arks, others will flee, and some will attack!

Scheduled to be implemented: June 23, 2021 (Wed)

Gigantix: Formidable Enemies That Only Appear in Certain Weather

Gigantix are extremely powerful enemies that appear in Exploration Sectors during certain weather conditions. They are also known as “Malevolent”, with a glowing purple aura surrounding their bodies. Gigantix will retreat when the weather returns to normal, so try taking them on if you feel up for a challenge!

They are scheduled to start appearing from June 23 (Wed), so make sure you level up and enhance your equipment before you run into one of them!

Note: There was an error regarding the image used. We have corrected the error - we apologize for any inconvenience caused. (Added June 6 2021)


 Item-related Systems


【New Functions】

Multi-weapons System

A function that allows you to take two weapons from the same Weapon Series and combine them !

This allows you to place 2  different Weapon Actions on 1 Weapon Palette.

For instance, after executing a powerful close-range attack with a Sword, you can dodge and counterattack using the Weapon Action of an Assault Rifle!

Also, since the Enhancement Level and Augments of the base weapon are applied to the new weapon, you’ll save on Enhancement materials!


Enhancement System, Affixing Augments System

You can increase Enhance equipment by using N-Grinders and other armor as materials . Augments can be added to weapons by applying the Augment Capsule you want to add to your equipment. The more Augment Capsules you use ,  the higher your chances of success will be, so collect a bunch before you do it!


Limit-Breaking System

With the Limit-Breaking System, you can raise the Max Enhancement Level to further strengthen equipment! Enhance the weapons you get early on, such as the Primm Series weapons and Tsvia Series weapons, and then Limit-Break them so you can use them longer ! To do this you’ll need minerals found in Exploration Sectors to use as materials!


Preset Skills System

In rare cases, when weapons and armor drop , you may be able to obtain items that give Preset Skills. Preset Skills cannot be changed or removed. They are unique, additional skills granted by chance when an item drops . As there are multiple types – such as those that increase damage or critical hit rate – once you’ve obtained equipment with Preset Skills you won’t want to give them up.


3★ Rarity Weapons

The Theseus Weapon Series – featuring tough-looking white weapons – and the Trois De Weapon Series – which include black weapons with sharp angles – both include 3★ Rarity Weapons.

 In the Closed Beta Test, only some weapon types were released for these Weapon Series, but the Theseus Weapon Series also includes weapons for Hunters, Rangers, and Gunners and the Trois De Weapon Series also includes weapons for Fighters, Forces, and Techters.


UI, Miscellaneous


【Expansion of The Salon/Character Creation】

More editable parts have been added to the Salon! With the addition of being able to freely set the location where accessories attach , as long as you stay within budget, you can attach multiple accessories however you like!

Moreover, as more body parts have become editable, such as teeth, tongue, skin texture (shine), and more you have even more options to customize your character ! Make sure to save your favorite expressions and outfits in your Lookbook!


Stamps that can be used for communication have been added! Send fun illustrations instead of chatting to easily communicate your feelings! You can get Stamps through SG Scratch Tickets and more. More of them are coming soon, so keep an eye out!


【Login Bonus】

Once a day when you log-in, Aina and Crawford will give you lavish gifts to help support your character’s progress! After launch, not only will there be regular Log-in Bonuses, but we’ll also be releasing the PSO2:NGS Launch Celebration Log-in Bonus for a limited time! Receive a ton of useful items by remembering to log-in daily!


【Scratch Tickets System】

Scratch Tickets are a system in which you can obtain outfits, accessories, Emotes,  and more by using AC or SG! Moreover, with the distribution of SG Scratch Tickets, we are also releasing a once-a-day free SG Scratch Ticket! Make sure to grab your favorites!



UI Guide Functions, Etc. for Open-World Use



Tasks is a function that guides you to various goals during your adventure! Choose the Task you’d like to undertake from the Tasks list and follow the displayed information to clear it! When you clear a Task, you can get N-Meseta, EXP, items, and more!


(Main Tasks)

These Tasks are for progressing the Main Story. You'll move through the story, interact with Aina and Manon, and discover the secrets of this world!The Objective Area for Tasks is shown with orange task markers on your map, so look out for them if you get lost.


(Side Tasks)

These Tasks occur as you progress through the Main Story. You can complete these tasks by accepting requests from Arks in Central City.


(Daily Task Info )(Weekly Task Info)(Limited-Time Task Info)

Daily Tasks change daily, Weekly Tasks update every week, and Limited-Time Tasks are only available for a specific period of time. By completing them, you’ll get rewards that support your growth such as N-Meseta and EXP, so try them out!


 Outfits etc., Item Types


‹ AC Scratch ›

Scheduled Implementation: June 9, 2021 (Wed)

Introducing a new AC Scratch ticket, Soldier Line!
Features military-style outfits, such as the Central City and Aelio Town soldier wear! There are also items that will change the idle animations, as well as the "Four" Pose emote, so be sure to check it out! Gear up with your new items and embark on a new adventure!

(Recommended Items)

“Miness Hair”

Semi-long hair tucked behind one ear. Tuck your hair back for that sexy look!

“Valkyz Hair”

Inverted Short Bob. A popular and very fashionable hairstyle!

“Illustratica Eyes”

Eyes that look like an illustration. Try them out if you’re unsure how to style your PSO2:NGS character’s face!

“Machine Wings”

The color of the frame and the wings can be changed separately. The wings also light up, so the look changes greatly depending on the color!

 - The PSO2 Team


  • Regarding a defect with the PSO2:NGS game Launcher

    Attention ARKS! We are currently updating the game launcher.




  • About specifications of the effect duration of the boost items in PSO2:NGS

    The remaining effect time of Boost items in PSO2:NGS will reduce from the time it’s used as intended function.




  • About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

    We would like to inform you about the play status and some of the survey results from the Closed Beta Test.