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Be my Phantasy Star, Valentine!

Ardent Arks, the time has come to profess thy love…of Valentine’s Day! Join us on January 20th when Cupid’s arrow will fly, along with some new content!

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Be brazen and sound the horn of love! Valentine’s Day is here, and ARKS HQ has decided to host an event that pays homage to the relationships between and with ARKS Operatives. The VALENTINE’S DAY EVENT brings chocolates, flowers, and all kinds of content to PSO2 Global, starting January 20th!



Love abounds on the ARKS Ship! Chocolates, flowers, and hearts are strewn throughout the various areas that Arks enjoy when off-duty. The Shopping Plaza features a heart-covered stage upon which operatives are welcome to host their own weddings, fashion shows, or other celebrations! You may need to wait behind a few Arks (possibly Harper) looking to get fabulous screenshots though! Presents are also littered around the area, and you’ll get a special surprise should you happen to interact with one!

Begins:  (end of maintenance)

Ends:  (beginning of maintenance)




The galaxy’s worst party-crashers, Falspawn (and other enemies of ARKS), have invaded yet another venue that Xia has been trying to prepare for the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations. Naturally, she’s called on you to clear out the rabble-rousers and help her save Valentine’s Day. To succeed, you’ll need to divide your squad of 12 and conquer – by creating two units that must work in tandem – all within a 30 minute time period. This Urgent Quest is also available in Ultra Hard Difficulty Mode.

Begins:  (end of maintenance)

Ends:  (beginning of maintenance)


Available Augments


Augment Description

Add S4: Escalating Pursuit

When you hit with a PA or Technique, the damage done within a 4s window determines the amount of follow-up damage added to the next PA or Technique.

Reaper: Weak to ice

Increases potency when attacking enemies weak to water. Note: The rarer a weapon is, the smaller the potency increase.

Augment Guidance

Increases the probability of Augments successfully affixed to this equipment by 5%.

Exceed Energy

MEL +50 RNG +50 TEC +50 DEX +20 MEL Def +20 RNG Def +20 TEC Def +20 HP +20 PP +5

Slayer: Draconian

Increases potency when attacking Draconian enemies. Potency boost decreases inversely to weapon rarity.

EX Acto Soul

MEL +30 MEL Def +20 RNG Def +20 TEC Def +20 HP +20 PP +2

Vol Soul

Melee +30 HP +20


Featured Rewards

The above weapons will have the following Weapon Potentials made available at +30 Enhancement Level:


Weapon Potential

Fraulein Rose | 15★, Double Saber

Dew-Kissed Rose Lv.3 – Increases potency by 13%. Use a ‘-mate” item for instant recovery. Has cooldown when switching weapons and after use.

Ritter’s Order | 15★, Katana

Heroic Defense Lv.3 – Increases potency by 11%. Reduces damage taken but also reduces PP when you take damage.

Lumignie | 15★, Gunblade

Miasmic Corruption Lv.3 – Increases potency by 10%. Boosts the chance of inflicting status ailments by 100%. Status ailments inflicted depend on your Weapon Element.


Available Sweets

Super Vigorous Parfait | 13★ (Increases damage for each enemy defeated)


Featured Misc. Items

Rising Weapons Badge 5

Pure Photon

Valentine’s Day Chocolate '21 | Grants a +10 boost to all stats and a +50% increase to rare drop-rates for 5 minutes.



Rappy and Emperappy are back, and they’re in LOVE with the Valentine’s Event! So much so, that they’re carrying a few extra tokens of love for any Arks who’ll lovingly seek them out! Check out the below items they’re rumored to have!

Begins:  (end of maintenance)

Ends:  (beginning of maintenance)



Available Augments


Augment Description

Rappy Soul

Dexterity +30, PP +4

Love Fever

Melee +10, DEX +5, PP +2

Empy Embrace

Weapon Enhancement EXP +90.


Featured Rewards

The above weapons will have the following Weapon Potentials made available at +30 Enhancement Level:


Weapon Potential

Flow Razor | 13★, Wired Lance

Fighter Tactics Lv.3 – When your Sub-Class is Fighter, increases critical rate 30%, and critical potency 14%.

Tactio Frazen | 14★, Bow

 Nightfall Tactics Lv.3 – Reduces PP consumption by 20%, and boosts potency by 5% when using Photon Arts or Techniques.

Tactio Ampacia | 14★, Soaring Blades

Tactio Hastin | 14★, Rod




Xia’s got a few tasks she needs doin’, and you’re just the operative she needs to do them! Check out the below items she’s willing to part with in exchange for your help!

Begins:  (end of maintenance)

Ends:  (beginning of maintenance)



Featured Rewards



Complete the objectives in the squares of your Bingo card to get the rewards below! Also, remember that there’s a back side.

Begins:  (end of maintenance)

Ends:  (beginning of maintenance)



Featured Rewards



Story Quests for EP6 Chapter 5 unlock

The answer to ARKS Goddess problem may lie on Omega…are you ready to go back?

Limited-Time Permanent Quest – Death, Destroyer of Worlds

Magatsu is back in action and he’s brought friends too. With the Sealing Circle no longer functional, he’s more powerful than ever. If he’s able to fully manifest, his destructive power will be unparalleled. ARKS must not let this happen. You must complete the destruction of all enemy units within the allotted time of 30 minutes. You’ll be allowed to form multiple parties – with a total operative head-count of up to 8. ARKS Operatives who are level 8 in their chosen class or higher will need to complete a special Client Order before undertaking this Quest. Should you accomplish this feat, the rewards are speculated upon below.

Featured Rewards

These Weapon Series will have the following Weapon Potentials made available at +30 Enhancement Level:

Weapon Series

Weapon Potential

Flotella Series

Beam of the Morning Star Lv.3 – Increases potency by 12%. Perfect Guard PP Aile recovery amount increases 5x.

Novel Series

 Sealed Fang Lv.3 – Increases potency by 14%. Increases critical rate by 20%.

Divide Quests

Divide Quests are a new type of Quest that will become available at the same time as the Valentine’s Event. At the Quest Counter, they can be accessed via the “Sub Quests” Menu provided that you meet the level 85 requirement on two classes. At this time, ARKS HQ is releasing Underdog Training: Photoner Assault, which is a VR simulation of battles against Luminmechs and other enemies of varying strengths. The data generated by these Divide Quests will help ARKS research and develop an effective battle strategy to deal with these newly-encountered nuisances. 


You’ll need to complete all 5 Steps of this Quest to pass, and you will fail this Quest if your party’s Life Points reach zero. One Life Point is consumed every time an operative in your party is incapacitated, and you have a maximum of 20. You will only have the assistance of 3 other operatives, so ensure that your companions are battle-tested and prepared. Upon completing a set of Steps –  Levels 1 through 5 with an S Rank, for example – you are eligible to move onto more difficult Levels, such as 6 through 10. 


  • Upon accessing the Routing Terminal in your departure ship, you’ll be able to select one of two Routes.
    1. Point Route
      • Choosing the Point Route will give you higher scores, which will lead to increased Divide Points upon completion of the Quest.  Further details about Divide Points can be found below.
    2. Life Route
      • The Life Route allows you to restore 2 Life Points to your party upon successful completion of the Quest with a certain Rating.


These Routes won’t necessarily be the same from Step to Step, however, and each Step will have a different Theme in different areas.


Routes will have a “theme,” and this is where your Party of 4 may encounter other parties of operatives, as they are multi-party areas. Parties will be matched with other parties who are taking on the same Difficulty, Theme, and Area. This matching system will not differentiate between parties who selected the Life or Point Route, however. 

  • Themes
    1. Eradication Ops
      •  There are 100 enemies, and you must eradicate them within the time limit.
      • Enemies with “Spread Bombs” will appear, and defeating them will cause a massive explosion which will damage other enemies in the immediate area.
      • Spread Bombs vary in Elemental Damage Type, so consider how best to utilize them based on your party.
    2. Resupply Ops
      • 4 Energy Pods are located in the area, and it is your job to not only protect them from approaching enemies but also to collect any loose energy crystals in the area.
      • The energy gauge reflects the number of crystals you have collected, and at 75% you will qualify for an S Rank in the Step.
      • If you achieve 100%, the Step will immediately complete, regardless of remaining enemies.
    3. Covert Ops
      • To earn your Divide Points, you can either defeat enemies or collect Energy Crystals.
      • Once you’ve achieved 7500 Divide Points, you’ll earn an S Rank for the Step.
      • You can earn more Divide Points by defeating special enemies than collecting crystals.
      • At 2500 Divide Point increments, a Virtual Device will appear in the area. This device can appear up to 20 times.
        • Accessing and terminating the device will not affect your Divide Point Score, however it will provide beneficial effects to operatives and increase the number of containers upon completion of the Step.
      • After a certain amount of time has passed, Corrosive Rain will shower the area and cause damage as well as reduce the player’s ability to heal. This damage increases over time, to the point where operatives cannot heal at all.
      • To escape, the party leader will need to access the Extraction Telepipe and confirm the escape option twice.
    4. Suppression Ops
      • Areas with this Theme will have their own natural enemies and bosses. By defeating normal enemies, operatives will gain the effect PSE Attack Extra Up, which is necessary to defeat the boss.
      • At 75% damage rate from this effect, you will achieve an S Rank for the Step, however to gain access to better and more numerous drops operatives are encouraged to defeat all of the enemies.

Divide Points are tallied on a per week basis, and you’ll receive various weekly rewards from Divide Quest Officer Erin upon achieving certain totals. These Points and rewards are reset each week, and can be checked via accessing your Main Menu, then Content Information, and finally, Divide Quest Info.


Earning a high number of Divide Points may net you a Step Bonus, which means you’ll have an extra container of spoils to loot at the completion of the last Stage.

Featured Rewards

*These material items are used at the Zig Shop to create or upgrade Weapons.


Divide Medal Exchange Shop

Divide Medals are earned at the end of Divide Quests or can be earned through completing Weekly Divide Point Goals. There is a limit to how many item exchanges you can do, and this is reset every four weeks.

Featured Rewards

These Weapon Series will have the following Weapon Potentials available:

Weapon Series

Weapon Potential

Megalith Series

Supreme King Awakening Level 3 – Activated by a Normal Attack after 40 seconds of enemy being in close proximity. Increases potency by 11% and restores PP each second for 20 seconds.

Vortex Series

(Weapon Type) Laser Level 3 – Fires bullets automatically at target every 7 seconds while weapon is drawn. An additional bullet stream is fired with every 10 million damage dealt.



Beginning February 3rd, the following items will drop from select areas in Divide Quests and be available in the Divide Medal Exchange Shop:

This Weapon Series will have the following Weapon Potentials available:

Weapon Series

Weapon Potential

Obliance Series

Fighting Spirit Lv.3 – Increases potency by 16%. Raises MEL/RNG/TEC Power +600 while Shifta is in effect.

Zig Shop

Now available at the Zig Shop, the 15★ Puras and Steel Weapon Series!

Featured Rewards

These weapons will have the following Weapon Potentials available:

Weapon Type

Weapon Potential

MEL Puras Weapons

Sincere Courage Level 3 – Potency is lost every time damage is taken, but recovers over time. Reduces damage taken by 40% when potency reaches 16%.

RNG Puras Weapons

Sincere Virtue Level 3 – Potency is lost every time damage is taken, but recovers over time. Recovers 20 PP every 10 seconds when potency reaches 16%.

TEC Puras Weapons

Sincere Wisdom Level 3 – Potency is lost every time damage is taken, but recovers over time. Raises natural PP recovery by 60% and reduces damage taken by 40% when potency reaches 16%.

Steel Series Weapons

Steady Power Level 3 – Potency is lost every time damage is taken, but recovers over time. PP recovery 60% increase, reduces damage taken, restore PP every 10 seconds when potency reaches 16%.



Limited Time AC Swap Shop

If you’ve got some AC Scratch items or AC Scratch Recycle Badges lying around and also happen to have some Affixing to do then you’re in luck, because for a limited time you’ll have access to the powerful Enhancement items listed below!

Available Items

Add S6R: Tenacious Healscourge

Grants super armor for 60s after being inflicted with a status ailment.

Add S7R: Still Grace

When stationary for 1 second, begins restoring 4 PP per second.

Add S8R: Skydance Support

When airborne for 2 seconds, activates Shifta and Deband every 10 seconds.

Augment R (Sentence M)

Sentence Might: Melee +20, PP +4

Augment R (Sentence P)

Sentence Precision: Ranged +20, PP +4

Augment R (Sentence C)

Sentence Casting: Technique +20, PP +4

Augment R (Factor C)

Factor Catalyst: Collect 4 to enable a certain Soul Synthesis HP +10, PP +1

Augment R (Aether S)

Aether Soul: All +15, HP +15, PP +2

Augment R (Omega M)

Omega Memoria: All +15, HP +15, PP +2

Augment R (Reverie C)

Reverie Catalyst: Collect 4 to enable Omega Memoria Synthesis HP +10 PP +1

Add S1R: Crippling Erode

S1: Crippling Erode – When hitting, has a 25% chance to inflict Jellen.

Add S2R: Prowess in Descent

S2: Prowess in Descent – After hitting with a PA or Technique, PP consumption decreases by 5%, or sometimes 30% for 30s. Has a cooldown after activating.

Add S3R: Strikeflow Shield

S3: Strikeflow Shield – Damage taken decreases 1% for every 300,000 damage dealt, up to 15%.

Add S3R: Strikeflow Descent

S3: Strikeflow Descent – PP consumption decreases 1% for every 300,000 damage dealt, up to 15%.

Add S3R: Strikeflow Adept

S3: Strikeflow Adept – Critical rate increases 2% for every 300,000 damage dealt, up to 30%.

Add S1R: Will of the Dying

S1: Will of the Dying – Every 20s you take damage equal to 5% of Max HP; in exchange, potency is increased by 4%.

Add S2R: Precision Will 2

S2: Precision Will 2 – Increases critical damage by 4%.

Add S3R: Timeflow Grace

S3: Timeflow Grace – Restores 7 PP every 4 seconds.

Add S4R: Steadfast Will

S4: Steadfast Will – Normal attack potency increases 13%.

Add S1R: Timeflow Will

S1: Timeflow Will – Damage dealt increases every second, up to 4%.

Add S3R: Song of the Petalsea Snow

S3: Petalsea Song – When Petalgleam, Seagleam, or Snowgleam are active, potency increases every second, up to 5%.


Additional Items

Augmentation Aid +45%

Enhancement Cap +1

Custom Type 1 +70%

Custom Type 2 +70%

Merit Value +70%

Demerit Value -70%

Ultimate Booster

Lambda Grinder ×5

Weapon Transmutation Aux Pass ×10

Augment Transfer Pass

Triboost +100%

EXP Earned +100%

Divide Medal ×60



See you in the Gate Area, Arks!



- The PSO2 Team


  • Regarding a defect with the PSO2:NGS game Launcher

    Attention ARKS! We are currently updating the game launcher.




  • About specifications of the effect duration of the boost items in PSO2:NGS

    The remaining effect time of Boost items in PSO2:NGS will reduce from the time it’s used as intended function.




  • About the play status and survey results for the NGS Closed Beta Test

    We would like to inform you about the play status and some of the survey results from the Closed Beta Test.