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A Rookie's Guide to Quests

ARKS Missions, Client Orders, the Quest Counter… Where to begin? Read more to learn about Quests; an ARKS Operative’s path to the primary goal; defeating the Falspawn.

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So Cofy wants you to complete a certain task for an ARKS Mission. Where do you do that? Why, the Quest Counter of course! There are several Quest Counters in your ship, but the one most frequently used is in the Gate Area and manned by Quest Counter Clerk Rebecca. This is where you can pick up Quests; paths through which you can complete objectives such as ARKS Missions. Once you have picked a Quest and a difficulty level, select ACCEPT QUEST to get started.


Quest Counter Clerk Rebecca


After accepting a Quest, you’ll be asked by the game whether you’d like to include multiple Blocks in your search for a Party or limit your search to only the Block you’re on. Each Block hosts a set number of players, and players must be on the same Block to form a Party (groups of 2-4 players). By choosing START VIA MULTI-BLOCK SEARCH, you can match with players on other Blocks of the same Ship, and automatically transfer Blocks if necessary before you begin the Quest. If you want to play only on your current Block, you can select START ON CURRENT BLOCK and then head through the gate to begin.



On the main menu at the Quest Counter, there is a button in the top right that allows you to change the mode by which Quests are displayed; either by main category or by list. When starting Phantasy Star Online 2, LIST is set as the default option.

  • Main Quests consist of EXPEDITIONS and RECOMMENDED QUESTS. These are Quests that you need to beat to progress through the game and Quests you will have many opportunities to play.
    1. Recommended Quests: These are Quests picked out each day from the list of Expeditions and ARKS Quests. Recommended Quests are available to all players, even if they do not meet the requirements for them.
    2. Expeditions: Explore the area at your leisure. You will clear the Quest when you reach the appropriate number of Quest Points or when you defeat the boss enemy in the final area.
  • Story Quests are solo Quests that bring you through the stories of each of the game’s Episodes.
  • Sub Quests consist of ARKS Quests, Trigger Quests, and Time Attack Quests. These Quests task you with set objectives, such as taking down certain enemies.
    1. ARKS Quests: These Quests give you rewards when you meet certain conditions. There are a wide variety of conditions depending on the Quest, and the rewards vary as well.
    2. Trigger Quests: These Quests are available if the player has a specific Trigger Item. The Trigger Item is consumed when the Quest is accepted. If the player who provided the consumed Trigger Item abandons the Quest, everyone in the same party will abandon it as well.
    3. Time Attack Quests: In these Quests, players compete with each other for the best completion time. The route and conditions are standardized so you can compete on a level playing field with other players. You can compare records with others when players are ranked based on Time Attack Records.
  • Practice Quests are available to study the basic moves of Phantasy Star Online 2 in combat as well as the mechanics of each class so that Arks can try them out before choosing to change classes. There are prescribed settings for your character’s strength and equipment, and you cannot access the Storehouse while in a Practice Quest.

And that’s it! Happy Questing, Arks!


- The PSO2 Team

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  • A Rookie's Guide to Quests

    ARKS Missions, Client Orders, the Quest Counter… Where to begin? Read more to learn about Quests; an ARKS Operative’s path to the primary goal; defeating the Falspawn.