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FUN Scratch Ticket: May 2020 - Part 3

Now that Windows 10 operatives are joining the party, it’s time to have even more FUN! Introducing the next FUN Scratch Ticket collection, releasing on May 27th!

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You don’t need fun in the sun when you can have FUN in PSO2! The latest FUN Scratch Ticket collection is arriving on May 27th, and we can’t wait to see you team up to earn those FUN Points with Windows 10 Arks!  In addition to the newest AC Scratch Collection, ORACLE CELEBRATIONS, you can also draw FUN SCRATCH TICKETS using your accrued FUN Points for a chance to grab accessories, Furnishings, Emotes, and more! Of course, FUN Points can be used for more than just FUN Scratch Tickets, and you can click here to learn more about them!


Drawing a FUN Scratch Ticket offers a chance to obtain consumables, Emotes, or Furnishings. Check the list below to learn what is included in this first release!


Release Date: 5/27, 12:00 AM (PDT)

Ends: 6/02, 11:00 PM (PDT)

Price (per ticket): 100 FUN

*Release date and time is subject to change due to server maintenance. 

Accessories & More

Tied Long Hair | Hairstyle

Side Fringe Short Hair | Hairstyle

White Makeup | Makeup

Straight Eyebrows | Eyebrows

Slit Eyelashes Set | Eyelashes

Just Married Cans | Accessory

X-Thrusters | Accessory

X-Thrusters B | Accessory

White Flower Wrist R | Accessory

White Flower Wrist L | Accessory

Black Flower Wrist R | Accessory

Black Flower Wrist L | Accessory

Rain Cloud | Accessory

Rainbow | Accessory

Umbrella: Black | Accessory

Umbrella: Red | Accessory

Umbrella: Blue | Accessory

Clear Skies Charm | Accessory

Kappa Head Dish | Accessory

Diva Sticker Set | Stickers

Nozze Sticker Set | Stickers

Cathedral Sticker Set | Stickers


Excellence Sticker Set | Stickers


Elegance Sticker Set | Stickers


Forked Eyebrows | Eyebrows


Thin Eyelashes Set A | Eyelashes


Full-Body Tights M: Red | Body Paint


Full Body-Tights M: Blue | Body Paint


Full Body-Tights M: Green | Body Paint


Full Body-Tights F: Red | Body Paint


Full Body-Tights F: Blue | Body Paint


Full Body-Tights F: Green | Body Paint


Metal Head | Accessory


Metal Head B | Accessory


Half Mask | Accessory


Classic Camera | Accessory


Explorer’s Hat A | Accessory


Explorer’s Hat B | Accessory


Tote Bag | Accessory


Plaid Tote Bag A | Accessory


Plaid Tote Bag B | Accessory


Plaid Tote Bag C | Accessory


Plaid Tote Bag D | Accessory


Gemini Earrings | Accessory


Gemini Sticker Set | Stickers


Effector Sticker | Sticker


Pirate: White | Sticker


Pirate: Black | Sticker


Blossom Sticker Set | Stickers


Schraedel Sticker Set | Stickers


Gothic Sticker A | Sticker


Gothic Sticker B | Sticker

Gothic Sticker C | Sticker


Bridal Confection | Furnishing

Welcome Arch | Furnishing

Naverius Parrot | Furnishing

Antique Doll | Furnishing

Parfait Shelf | Furnishing

Shower Stall | Furnishing

Elegant Bathtub | Furnishing

Crystal Skull | Furnishing

Grandfather Clock | Furnishing

La Bocca della Verità | Furnishing

Flat-Screen TV | Furnishing

Standing Mailbox | Furnishing

Bunk Bed | Furnishing

Trash Can | Furnishing

Sweet Chair | Furnishing

Sweet Table | Furnishing

Sweet Bed | Furnishing

Sweet Sofa | Furnishing

Sweet Coffee Table | Furnishing

Sweet Rug | Furnishing

Sweet Shelf | Furnishing

Sweet Lamp | Furnishing

Marriage | Music Disk

PSO2 Character Creation Theme | Music Disk

PSO2 Event – Falspawn | Music Disk

PSO2 Event – Xion | Music Disk

Scenery Pass: Tundra | Remodeling Item

Sweet Theme | Remodeling Item



Personal Quarters Use (3 Days)

Personal Shop Use (3 Days)

EXP Earned +50% | Booster

Meseta Earned +50% | Booster

Safe Enhancer (+1) (x2) | Item Enhancement

Enhancement Aid +5% | Item Enhancement

Great Enhancement Aid +20% | Item Enhancement

Augmentation Aid +5% | Item Enhancement

Grinder (x5) | Item Enhancement



237: Bouquet

06: Sad


Get out there and have FUN Arks! The 3rd May of 2020 FUN Scratch Collection will be available until 11:00 PM (PDT) on June 2nd, so make sure to check it out before then! See you in the field, Arks!


- The PSO2 Team


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