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New Urgent Quest: Swirling Inferno on the ARKS Ship

The action will really heat up on April 14th, when all Arks will be urgently needed to aid survivors in their escape from the Swirling Inferno on the ARKS Ship!

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Fire has broken out in the City Area of the ARKS Ship, and all available operatives must respond beginning April 14th, as some citizens remain unaccounted for in the tumult. A rescue effort is being mounted, and the SWIRLING INFERNO ON THE ARKS SHIP must be extinguished so as to prevent further damage or loss of life. In addition, Officer Cofy will provide you with Rescue Guns; engineered to be more effective against FLAMING DETRITUS, which should be suppressed to ensure the safety of trapped citizens. It is anticipated that there are quite a few citizens in need of aid, so this Urgent Quest will be repeatable.


This quest is available on Ultra Hard, though only to veteran ARKS who have achieved Level 85 on both a Main and Sub Class. You will have failed this quest should you exceed the time limit of 60 minutes. You’ll need to obtain a total of 119 Quest Points to complete this Urgent Quest. Oh, and should you be in need of them, ARKS HQ has agreed to provide 100 RISING WEAPONS BADGE 5 upon successful completion of this quest!


*Additionally, some veteran ARKS in the Shopping Plaza may provide additional Rising Weapons Badges upon completion of this quest!



Falspawn and other enemies of ARKS creep amongst the ruins to harass the survivors and further fan the flames. Destroy them and you may find they’ve picked up a thing or two amongst the wreckage.


Featured Rewards


These weapons (or Weapon Series) will have the following Weapon Potentials

Weapon Series

Weapon Potential

Adell Weapon Series

  • Crimson Waltz Lv.3 – Increases Potency by 14%. Reduces Focus Gauge Consumption when using the Hero Time skill. Increases max HT Counter Bonus to 16.

Ceiroth Weapon Series

  • Dark Requiem Lv.3 - Increases Potency by 14%. Boosts the effects of Mark Heal and Mark PP Drain by 200%.

RA Blades| 15★ Soaring Blades

  • Shifting Offense Lv.3 - Increases Potency by 15%. Sidestep Strikes performed after a successful Sidestep evasion fire a homing projectile.

Lumignie | 15★ Gunblade

  • Miasmic Corruption Lv.3 – Increases Potency by 10%. Boosts the chance of inflicting status ailments by 100%. Status ailments inflicted depend on your Weapon Element.

Satellite Star Mine | 15★ Assault Rifle

  • Swift Retribution Lv.3 - Increases Potency by 15%. Potency increased by 300% while Satellite Cannon is not charged.

Cuvele Vesper | 15★ Bow

  • Dark Night Strongbow Lv.3 - Increases Potency by 16%. Decreases the Potency of Banishing Arrow, but recovers 75 PP upon detonation.

Heilo | 15★ Talis

  • Supernova Lv.3 - Increases Potency by 10%. Launches a follow-up attack after a Charged Technique when a Talis is equipped.

Finbleale | 15★ Wand

  • Silver Accompaniment Lv.3 - Increases Potency by 14%. Boosts reduction of Same Arts PP Preservation by 5%. Increases Tech Arts Count Bonus by 2.

Promesuperzina | 15★ Wand

  • Heavy Hitter Lv.3 – Increases Potency by 10%. Normal Attacks Potency 30% increase, but reduces attack speed. Reduces damage taken while performing Normal Attacks.




Additionally, operatives may find one or more of the Augments below.




Add S2: Perfect Adept Will

Increases critical potency by 2% and critical rate by 15% when using different Photon Arts or Techniques in a Perfect Attack.

Add S3: Lustrous Perfectchain

When successfully performing a string of Perfect Attacks, PP recovery increases by 3%, up to 45%. Won’t vanish after a failed Perfect Attack.

Add S5: Augment Bloom

Doubles the changing of Augment Status.

Add S7: Concentrated Suidi

Increases movement speed while charging Photon Arts.

Add S8: Skydance Support

When airborne for 2 seconds, activates Shifta and Deband every 10 seconds.





See you on the Gateway Ship, Arks!



 - The PSO2 Team


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